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Last updated : 2nd August 1999

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As well as being a huge hit in the UK, the original Avengers also proved to be a considerable success in the USA. And it’s still fondly remembered there today, as the Arts & Entertainment channel discovered when they reran the show in the early 1990’s. Now A&E has set up its own video subsidiary and have started issuing the adventures of Steed and Mrs Peel in box sets. You can also order them online from a special “Original Avengers” website!

The tapes sold extremely well (no surprise to use fans, of course!) and so A&E took a gamble on the burgeoning DVD media – and once again scored well. So far we have seen Di Rigg's colour episodes issued on VHS and DVD and, in the latest batch of releases, her b&w ones are all available, too. Linda Thorson’s stories will also appear eventually. Who knows – perhaps even Honor Blackman and Jo Lumley/Gareth Hunt’s too? Please... pretty please!

There was some talk of colourising the early Rigg episodes but A&E decided against it, which no doubt pleases the hardcore, “purist” fans!

Using the recently-created digitalised masters from Lumiere, American fans soon applauded the high quality of A&E’s product. And unlike the unfortunately-edited TV screenings, this time round A&E are issuing uncut episodes!

A&E are also offering some great Avengers T-shirts, posters and calenders!

In all A&E must be highly praised for their commitment and enthusiasm to this product – quite clearly their own staff are Avengers fans, too!

The tables below lists the video and DVD release orders. Please note that these are in NTSC format and can only be purchased from the US or Canada. At the time of writing T-shirts and postcards are available free if you order directly from A&E’s website.

A&E Video and DVD Releases – note NTSC format only.
Volume Episodes Issue Date and notes
Avengers '65 Set One'The Town of No Return', 'The Gravediggers', 'The Cybernauts', 'Death at Bargain Prices', 'Castle De'ath', 'The Master Minds'. Available Now. Free T-shirt when ordered directly from A&E!!
Avengers '65 Set Two'The Murder Market', 'A Surfeit of H2O', 'The Hour that Never Was', Dial a Deadly Number, 'Maneater of Surrey Green', 'Two's a Crowd', 'Too Many Christmas Trees'. Available Now. Free T-shirt when ordered directly from A&E!!
Avengers '66 Set One'Silent Dust', 'Room without a View', 'Small Game for Big Hunters, 'The Girl from Auntie', 'The 13th Hole', 'Quick-Quick-Slow Death'. Available Now. Free T-shirt or poster when ordered directly from A&E!!
Avengers '66 Set Two'The Danger Makers', 'A Touch of Brimstone', 'What the Butler Saw', The House that Jack Built, 'A Sense of History', 'How to Succeed...at Murder', 'Honey for the Prince'. Available Now. Free T-shirt or poster when ordered directly from A&E!!
Avengers '67 Set One'From Venus With Love', 'The Fear Merchants', 'Escape in Time', 'The Bird Who Knew Too Much', 'The See-Through Man', 'The Winged Avenger'Available Now
Avengers '67 Set Two'The Living Dead', 'The Hidden Tiger', 'The Correct Way to Kill', 'Never, Never Say Die', 'Epic', 'The Superlative Seven'Available Now
Avengers '67 Set Three'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station', 'Something Nasty in the Nursery', 'The Joker', 'Who's Who??', 'Return of the Cybernauts', 'Death's Door'Available Now
Avengers '67 Set Four'The £50,000 Breakfast, Dead Man's Treasure, 'You Have Just Been Murdered', 'The Positive-Negative Man', 'Murdersville', 'Mission: Highly Improbable', 'The Forget-Me-Knot'.Available Now. Unfortunately there is a slight audio fault on 'Breakfast', which A&E are investigating. However it shouldn't spoil your enjoyment too much.

Many thanks to So Young Park at A&E for assistance, advice and permission to use images!

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