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Last updated : 30th May 2002

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Avengers Unite!
John SEnglandLong live The Avengers! Good luck to Dave with this fabulous site. And just who the hell is Uma Thurman, anyway?
Jerry WUSAI never actually bothered to watch The Avengers on TV but I just knew young Uma was absolutely right for the role of.... Pussy Galore, was it? And wasn’t that Ray Ffines guy just superb as James Steed?! No wonder the movie was such a spectacular success.
Gregory VleisidesUSAI am interested in corresponding with any fan of The Avengers or New Avengers.
Trevor AlderUKCrikey the lads have excelled again! Well done James and Dave! Anybody know where all the vehicles are? Steed's J-reg Range Rover, for example?
Gary HubkaCanadaFan of Purdey, Mrs Peel. Interested in cast addresses re: autographs, and photos, etc.
John A WilcoxUSAI’d love to hear from all Avengers fans ’round the world!
William TurnerFranceInterested in corresponding with followers of Dame Diana and other cast members
Randle SpenceCanadaBig New Avengers fan
Nick WilsonUKInterested in original Avengers and New Avengers. Having a copy of Steed’s Jaguar and Mike Gambit’s Jaguar made at present – anyone interested in their vehicles? Very interested in obtaining copies of the New Avengers not released on video in UK.
Simon BallUKHello! This site for THE NEW AVENGERS is brilliant! I love both THE AVENGERS and THE NEW AVENGERS. Favourite character? It’s hard to choose but I would have to pick between Cathy and Tara. Would like to hear from anyone who is just even slightly interested!
Cindy BartolottaUSAI’ve been a fan since 1960’s. Met the great Dame three times. Have received mail or photos from all pre-Mother era. Only get to my mailbox once or twice a week. If you write, be patient for reply!
Buck DarkUSAI’m a ‘hardcore’ New Avengers (Joanna Lumley) fan and proud of it! Have several episodes as originally broadcast on CBS w/comml's, but dreaming of unedited versions of ‘Dirtier by the Dozen’, ‘Complex’, ‘Obsession’. Met and had (bad) photo taken with actor who played a heavy in ‘The Gladiators’. To paraphrase the local hoodlums, TNA is “Da Bomb”!! Glad I found this site, let’s see what develops...
Gary HigginsNew ZealandMrs Peel we’re needed!!
Frank GerhorstGermany“Mit Schirm, Charme und Melone” (as the Avengers are called over here) always fascinated me, since I first watched the series as a young lad over 20 years ago. Would like to correspond about “Emmapeeler” type fashion, “Steed”-type humor, and any element of “Avenger”-type life-style.
Frank HarrisEnglandI’m a huge fan of the series. Please contact me.
Igor SaturnoBrazilAvengers friends, I’d like to join the force.
Julie OhlingerUSAHi Gang! I would like to “pen-pal” via e-mail with anyone who loves to talk about The Avengers and Patrick Macnee.
Joe WitherspoonUSAUsed to watch all the time when younger.
Lee ArnottEnglandAny gay fans out there who want to chat about and revel in high kicks and antics?
Friedhelm SchaeferGermanyI’m desperately looking for all Avengers-episodes not broadcasted in Germany. Trade or sale.
Kate RichmondUKUma Thurman? She’s far too skinny to suit a leather catsuit like Ms Rigg.
Kelly & JaimeUSAAlways looking for some interesting chat on The Avengers... also The Prisoner
Barry ClarkeUSAI’m more a 60’s Avengers fan but quite like The New Avengers, too – especially Joanna Lumley. But my first love is and will always be Diana Rigg. We’re all being hard on Uma Thurman but she is not Emma Peel – only Diana is Emma Peel. The whole world knows this. I will still be at the premiere of the film though. Good site, Dave – Thanks
Dave WeichelUSASomeone who is looking for a video with the episode the ‘House of Cards
SigridNetherlandsI’ve just one thing to write: I’m mad for the Avengers!
Jenny ChurchillUSAI have a message from "Mother".
SerenaUSAI don't really know all that much about The Avengers, but I'm looking to start a website for them. If you have any useful info and any of the charaters (especially Tara King or Mrs.Peel), please send me an email with pics and/or info. Thank you!!
James KirkUSBattle on, Mrs Peel!
Birgit SchindlbeckBavariaStarted watching Avengers with New Avengers - after seeing both series, I think the new one is just as good as the old one. :-)
Brent MeyersUSDid you know 40 minutes has been cut from the new Avengers movie? Please help me get the directors/uncut version on DVD and VHS. Even if you hated the movie, wouldn’t you like to see if 40 minutes improved the film's plot? I know it wasn't great, but it was a unique and refreshing vision. Help save the Avengers movie! Email me your support or go to Warner’s Avengers Site.
Dave BailieCanadaJust crazy about anything AVENGERS and would love to hear from other FANS. Also think Purdey was GREAT.
Guillermo ClausiArgentinaI love both THE NEW AVENGERS (the best) and THE AVENGERS. My first love was Purdey!! I am interested in corresponding with any fan (especially girls) of THE NEW AVENGERS or THE AVENGERS – please contact me!!


William ArmstrongUSAWas a fan of Original Series with Diana Rigg but LOVE Joanna Lumley as Purdey! I think both series are great. Too bad the new movie wasn’t better but because it didn’t do too well, I don’t expect another one.
Dennis D AckleyUSAI’m 45 years old and still think Diana Rigg is the best looking woman I have ever seen – at least on TV. Very smart too, especially the colour episodes – that hair was just fab.
Vicky LucassEnglandI am a fan of both The Avengers, The New Avengers and Patrick Macnee. I started watching the Avengers a few years back as I am only a teenager. I would like to correspond with any other fan.
Wayne KnipeUKI’m a big fan and I’ve many Avengers items to trade from the 1960’s to the new movie.
Nicola DerbyshireUSAI’m looking for someone to chat about the Avengers with nonstop! E-mail me! LONG LIVE THE AVENGERS!
Jason TarrantUSAHi, Ex Londoner here, grew up watching New Avengers & The Professionals. I need an MP3 or a CD quality version of the New Avengers theme tune. Please help, been looking for years.
Guillermo A RodriguezArgentinaJoanna Lumley fan
G N GobanMalaysiaI have enjoyed the Avengers episodes since the 1970s and had the opportunity to view the 1960 episodes recently on local television. To me nothing can beat the Macnee and Rigg partnership – and the storylines are still so fascinating even when the episodes are reviewed.
Lawrence BennieEnglandI'm only 14 but love The Avengers. I’m interested In what parts of The Avengers other people like. What seasons do you think are the best?, what are your favourite episodes?, do you prefer Cathy, Emma or Tara?, and what do you think about The New Avengers. I’d like very much to discuss these things with you, so please contact. THERE'S ONLY ONE EMMA PEEL!
Bob KalbUSAHooked on The Avengers and New Avengers. No favorites. Collecting since 1965. Love the tongue-in-cheek British humor. Web has opened new doors. All E-mails will be answered.
Thomas KruseGermanyAvengers fanclub – Bremen
Pino BrizziItalyLoving Steed and Peel.
SimonAustriaWanna meet fans of "The Avengers" and "The New Avengers" from all over the globe!
Tony HeyesUKLove the series one of the best ever produced in the UK. Love to hear from other fans.
MaraItalyI'm a big fan of The Avengers, especially Mrs Peel and New Avengers. They are great.
Alberto MarelliItalyThe Avengers will never die!
Mark GrattonEnglandAm a massive fan of both The Avengers and The New Avengers, and would really like to get into contact with any other fans out there from around the world...
Dave WUSAI'm interested in purchasing the "House of Cards" episode. Please help me in finding a vhs taping of this at a reasonable cost.
Marc CollierUSAThe New Avengers rule! I would love to have any TNA episodes on tape. Please contact me with any info.
Gilličron AlainSwitzerlandWhere can I find the original "The Avengers" generic??? Can you help me please??
jim scottGBi need the new avengers theme tune on vinyl,does it exist????
Maurizio TronItalyGreat ! A site about my best-liked serial ... and Italian people who remember them. Definitely incredible
Stephen JamesWalesWatched the one set in the Department store today. Anyone know where you can get a 'blinking eye' like the one on Mrs Peel's door from?
Jen GriffithsScotlandAlthough I'm only 14,I cun assure you I'm one of the biggest New Avengers fanatic around! My other interests are ballet & karate. Please write!
David AhernIrelandPlease please email me. I'm 13 and everyone thinks I'm weird to like The Avengers
JoUKAnyone know a fan club address 4 the New Avengers or Joanna Lumley?
Richard RaynerUSAEnglish fan in LA- any chance of a USA release of New Avengers video or DVD?????
dickyEnglandi have for sale a rare copy of "look-in "magazine no.37 sept.1977 featuring a painting of steed,purdey and gambit on the cover plus poster & features inside(good condition) also vol.1 nos.1&2 of 1985 dave rogers fanzine stay tuned.offers invite
Mark SherlockEnglandVery interested in anything "New Avengers", the cars,Locations, Actors, Keen to chat with anyone about New Avengers or Professionals, also interested in videos and pictures.Please email me !
Paul CurottoEnglandused to watch the avengers all the time. A friend of mine owns the green racing Jag used by Steed. I'll see if i can get a picture and post it on the site.
MarinaArgentinaDiana Rigg superfan... and Patrick Macnee too
Dan ZapfSwitzerland I saw an Asian guy wearing a "NEW AVENGERS" SWEATER. (White with a big Orange-blue Lion on it, little lions on the arms and a flower Gun on the back. I didn't realize it was an Avengers sweater and after it was to late to ask the guy. so who knows where this sweater comes from....????
BlofeldGermanyI am one of the biggest AVENGER-fans in Germany. Fans all over the world, you can still contact me.
Kimberly McCachren USAHello! Would like to talk Avengers and New Avengers and keep up with the news of the gang of the NA and Avengers!! And of course pen-pals too!
Daniel Rand Canada Wonderful site. Looking for admirers of Honor Blackman's tenure as Mrs Gale. Also am looking for merchandise such as theme-music, photos, postcards, etc, from the same era.
Sean BeardUSABeen a fan since I was little. I'd love to hear from other fans of the show. I'm interested in obtaining several New Avengers episodes, so please contact me (in North America-NTSC only) if you can dub them up for me.
Paul Dearling UKI have 1of2 servivors from the orininal 6 Broadspeed Jaguar 2 door coupes, that were used in the making of the Avengers. It now need totaly re building, but is complete, but not running. What offers ?????
Dan Kyle CanadaThe New Avengers is playing weekdays on the Bravo network here
Michi G Germanyi only love Diana Rigg and here sexy body in the rubberoutfit!!!!!!!!!!
Antony Demetriades CyprusThe AVENGERS (Patrick MacNee + Diana Rigg) was one of the BEST tv series I enjoyed in the 60s + 70s. To gether with the SAINT. Is there a chance of a new show?
Murray Martin Canada Where can I find videos of the New Avengers that I can play in Canada
Joseph SkeltonEngland If anyone wants to trade episodes from anywhere in the world, or just share enthusiasm for the show please contact me
Muhammad YassirIndonesiaI'd like to make correspondence with other fansin other country. By the way, where can i get calendar 2002 of The New Avenger?
john hadlowUKLooking forward to hearing from anyone who thinks the "New" is class!..and lives in UK if poss..if not that OK too!
John SmithUSAI love the Advengers old and New Advenges. I wish they would start the show again...
Friedrich SchulzUSAI am interested in obrtaining pictures and info of any kind on the TR-7 Autos that were driven in the final season of the show. Especially the yellow one driven by Joanna Lumley...
Caraenglandim doing catsuits for a project in ART fashion, if anyone knows anything about her catsuits, who made them, that would b handy, cheers. cara xXx
paul "steed"shepherdenglandjust connected to the net and the trio was the reason .love them forever !!!!
Jason KingParis, FranceI say, what a top site! I was sipping my glass of green chatreuse when I happened to swan in here. I must say I am appalled to think of those blasted Americans taking a quirky and typically British series and applying Hollywood predicatability to it. Don't they realise the reason that it was successful was purely due to the fact it wasn't produced on a huge budget and with big name stars. Oh, well, artistic quality doesn't count for much in the USA film world. Oh for the early 70s when sports cars looked like sports cars...and.....

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