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The New Avengers

Contender Video

Last updated : 16th May 1999

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Although several other companies have released New Avengers videos over the years, they tended to each release pretty much the same episodes. That is all set to change, providing sales figures are strong enough. Richard Bridgwood’s Contender Video is very close to issuing both "old" and New episodes to the UK market, on its “Kult TV” label (which has already issued many Professionals episodes.) 
As a special bonus each episode will contain newly-filmed introductions by Patrick!


The table below lists the release order – note there will be three episodes per tape – at 12.99GBP this is excellent value! 

The release dates for vols 3 and 4 are currently approximate

For details of Contender’s releases for the ‘old’ Avengers, check out Alistair McGown’s splendid Elan site! 

Images reproduced by kind permission of Richard Bridgwood at Contender Video and assistance of Dean Harmer at Aitch Creative and Dave Rogers!

Contender Video Releases – note PAL format only. 
* Denotes previously unreleased
Issue Volume Episode Episode Episode Episode
One One 'The Eagle's Nest' 'The Midas Touch' 'Tale of the Big Why' *
One Two 'Last of the Cybernauts...?' 'To Catch a Rat' 'Three-Handed Game' *
One Three 'Cat Amongst the Pigeons' 'Target' 'Gnaws'
One Four 'Faces' 'Sleeper' 'Dirtier by the Dozen' *
Two One 'House of Cards' * 'Dead Men are Dangerous' * 'Angels of Death' * 'Medium Rare' *
Two Two 'The Lion and the Unicorn' * 'Obsession' * 'Trap' * 'Hostage' *
Two Three 'K is for Kill part one' 'K is for Kill part two' 'Complex'
Two Four 'Forward Base' 'The Gladiators' 'Emily'


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