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Last updated : 7th July 2004

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From 27th July the New Avengers 1977 DVD box set will become available in stores throughout North America. To celebrate the release, A & E offer you the opportunity to WIN a copy autographed by the chief Avenger himself, Patrick Macnee. There are FIVE signed sets to be won, while the top prize will also include a similarly signed set of the 1976 disks.

Due to licensing agreements, the competition is only open to residents of the USA and Canada.

For a chance of winning e-mail me with the answers to the following questions. Precise answers are not required but they need to be essentially correct!

  1. Brian Clemens claimed that he was inspired to cast Joanna Lumley in The New Avengers when he met her on the set of which film?
  2. As filming got underway in 1976, the public launch of what other very famous Anglo-French co-production - an aeronautical one - was promoted by the New Avengers team?
  3. The opening episode, "The Eagle's Nest", centres around the fictional island of St Dorca. Used in many TV and film productions over the years, what is the location's real-life name?
  4. Which of Steed's cars in The New Avengers was available to him before the model had been officially launched to the general public?
  5. While Joanna and Gareth performed much of their own stuntwork, what did Patrick jokingly claim as being his biggest stunt on the show?

All the answers can be found with a little diligent research and "surfing"!

The competition closes on 21st July. Correct responses will then be collated and four randomly-chosen ones will be awarded the signed 2nd season box sets. The fifth winner will also received the 1st season set. The winners will all be notified and their addresses requested.

E-Mail your answers to Dave. GOOD LUCK!!

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