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Last updated : 20th February 1999

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With a TV programme so hugely popular around the whole world, it comes as little surprise to find there are several WWW sites dedicated to the original Avengers. Unfortunately the same level of idolisation has yet to befall the New Avengers indeed some of these so-called "fans" have had the audacity to state that they don't even like the New Avengers!?!?!! Well that's very sad they don't know what they're missing! Come on guys it's no longer an act of heresy to admit you enjoyed it Avengers deity Dave Rogers has said it's OK. Alright, so you don't have to watch 'Emily'!

In fact the only other site dedicated exclusively to the New Avengers is that of Bevis King which includes an episode guide, a list of Video Gems releases and a nice summary of the three characters. Well done, Bevis!

For martial arts fans, you must check out Mike Gambit's Art of Self-Defence ("Self Defence is Self-Control"!)

Just to demonstrate what a good sport I am I'll even include the "old-Avengers-only" pages :-)

  • Diabolical Masterminds and Extraordinary Agents tangle at this great site set up by Jackie Lane which has character studies (and pics) not only of our heroes but also some of the best (worst?) villains. Also included are pictures of some of the locations used in the series accompanied by modern-day ones. Good stuff, Jackie!

  • Elan is the name of Alistair McGown's site which offers numerous high-quality pictures and reviews of the Avengers novels.

  • David Smith's site includes a history of the Avengers and a good episode guide but he isn't a fan of Tara King! (I actually thought many of the TK eps were excellent, but there you go.)

  • Finally a chance for all Avengerphiles to participate: there is now an Avengers newsgroup, alt.tv.avengers which we set up in November 1996 (with help from Rod Edgar cheers, Rod!). If you can't access the group, you should e-mail your Internet Service Provider to ask them to add the group to your newsserver. A global Avengers party! See you there.... don't forget the bubbly! (You can even discuss the New Avengers!)

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