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Last updated : 25th March 1998

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Many thanks indeed to the following people and organisations for their help and information. The names are not listed in any particular order, so no inference of "importance" should be drawn from it. Everybody in this list has made very valuable contributions.

Dave Rogers Were it not for the dedication of people like Dave Rogers, we may well have never seen the Honor Blackman episodes again. Dave also rescued the excellent Ian Hendry story 'The Frighteners' and he feels it's just a matter of time and determination before the remainder of the first The Avengers season turns up. As many of you know he has produced several books exploring all things Avengers and also runs a fanzine, 'Stay Tuned'. Refer to the Printed Matter page.
James Pimentel-Pinto Many thanks to young James for help with initial creation of this site, particularly with provision of graphics and layout ideas.
Video GemsVG (now sadly expired) deserves much praise for answering my request to get at least some episodes of The New Avengers out onto video. Shame they hardly bothered to advertise them! Refer to the Video page.
TV Zone magazineApparently the only TV programmes that deserve to be regarded as 'cult viewing' are Star Trek and Dr Who. At least that's the impression you get if you read TV Zone. However on the odd occasion they go out of their way to include humdrum everyday stuff such as The Avengers/New Avengers. TVZ has at least been kind enough to feature.... oooh, at least six Avengers-related articles (since it's 1987 inception) including interviews with the stars, from which I've gleaned some useful snippets. Hence it's inclusion here, albeit reluctantly. Actually, they have been very good at reviewing the videos, so perhaps all is not lost! Let's hope somebody at TV Zone reads this!
Pat Macnee, Jo Lumley, Gareth Hunt and the crew of Avengers (Film & TV) Enterprises LtdWell done to all concerned for managing to produce something truly spectacular in the face of such adversity (ie IDTV of Paris!!).

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