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Last updated : 4th November 2009


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Professional Friends!
Gary WhittaUSABrit ex-pat says hi!
Trevor AlderEngland
Jatona P WalkerUSAHi! This is an update of my previous listing, especially the e-mail address. Do drop me a line or two and let's discuss Pros from episodes to fan fiction
Dorinda HartmannUSAI love the show, and Lew & Martin, though Gordon's my particular favorite. Any other Gordon Jackson aficionados out there?
Pam WhiteEnglandWe've got to start a Get Bodie Back campaign! No Bodie, No New Professionals (IMHO)! Come back Lew, we need you!
Donna DiaferioUSAThis is Great!!! I finally found Someone. I can't wait to hear.
David & Jo MargerisonAustraliaLiving in the nineties, locked in the seventies...
Elizabeth CastanedaArgentinaLong life to the Professionals
Lorelei FeldmanUSANice to see so many others love Cowley and the Lads as well! Hiya!
Glenn KellyAustraliaSomeone borrowed my RS2000 rather permanently! Ah well, I guess I'll have to buy another.
Sharon DichieraAustraliaBodie, Doyle & Cowley forever!
Sandra RandantUSAI'd love to chat with other Pros fans. Especially fans of Lewis.
Candace PulleineUSA
Gordon DavieScotlandI don't care how non-PC it is – I still love the show. Finally, it's back on the air and I can at last fill in those gaps in my video collection!
RayGermanyI love this show. In the past and in the future. Feel free to contact me.
Alastair McPhersonUKA 'Professionals' web site! I don't know how I've survived for so long without it. I've got the videos, I've got some of the books. Now I've got people to talk to!
Nia Wyn HughesUKJust discovered the professionals, get in touch if you also are a new fan.
Joan LudlowUSALove the characters – especially Bodie – love the humor – love the show! Glad I live in one of the few places in the US that got to see it! Thank you, Canada! Always looking for someone to talk Pros with.
Tim StephensEnglandI'm desperate to get hold of any of the videos – the only episode I've seen is 'Weekend in the Country' from series four, which turned me into an instant fan!
Pam IgoUSBecame a fan in 1996 when a friend loaned me 'Klansman', 'Stakeout', 'Discovered in a Graveyard' and 'The Ojuka Situation'. Love at first sight. My favorite is Bodie.
Kat ColeUSBodie! Bodie! Bodie! Okay, yes, I kinda like him. I've been a fan since '95 and can't seem to get enough of that fabulous duo Bodie and Doyle. Would love to hear from other fans out there!!!
Villi BerghreinssonIcelandNot many of us Icelandic fans, unfortunately, so I'd love to contact other fans around the world!
Ross ChalfontEnglandI'd especially like to hear from any of the younger generation fans of the show.
Wendy JonasAustraliaGreat to know that there are other Prof fans out there. I have all the books. Is there going to be a new series? Hoping to talk to everyone soon.
Joey RodriguesUSAWould like to talk to any Pros/Shaw fans.
Sharon BrondosUSACheck out my episode reviews and then let's talk.
Frank HarrisEnglandI'm a huge fan of the series.Please contact me
Carolyn EddyEnglandJust discovered this website – thank you! I've been a huge fan of Bodie and Doyle since I was 13. I saw Gordon Jackson twice in Brighton in the early '80s
Neil WarwickEnglandI can't believe that I've finally got a 3-Litre Capri. Bodie has a lot to answer for...
Ian RichardsonEnglandThe New Professionals? Let's be honest.... it'll most likely be crap. My guess is something like BUGS meets Thief-Takers meets The Bill. Sorry to be negative but these things tend to be a big letdown. Prove me wrong by all means.... please!
Bruce BenderUSAI'm interested in learning more about The Professionals. Please contact me!
JoanneUK (Sheffield)Yo guys! So Denise, you're here, too. Anyway... drooooollllllll – Martin Shaw is the only one for meeeee!! Wouldn't kick him out of bed of a morning! Anyone want to chat, drop us a line. See you soon!
Kenny MunroScotlandTaped every ep from G+ , a labour of love to miss the adverts everyday for 11 weeks. Guess I'm a 2nd generation professional, at 22 I can vaguely remember the early 80's..........3.7 out...
Pauline HarrisonEnglandI have to disagree (and agree) with Andy Hodgetts and with Adam Hudson. Both Bodie and Doyle were excellent. As I am older than both of them I win!!!!!
Richard SpurrEnglandI wasn't even born when the first episode was shown ('Heroes' was shown the day after my 1st birthday). I've been a fan of the series for as long as I can remember. Get in touch, I'd like to hear from some right minded people for once (most of the people I know seem to regard The Professionals as a bit of a joke!).
Lars HennigGermanyI love this great series :-)))
ClaudiaGermanyProfessionals on TV again at last. It was time! Greatest German CI5-fan is looking for other fans, info about Lewis Collins etc. Mail me!
Cathy NashEnglandI have been a fan for years and would like to hear from other fans.
Martin MathisUSAI'm a Swiss citizen living in the USA for the last 5 years. I used to love The Professionals which I watched on German TV. Sometimes I watched with my Dad as a teenager after Mom had gone to bed and it was like this wonderful kind of bonding. Dad not only approved of me watching the show but was excited about it himself. Besides, of course, that the series was top-notch and nothing here in the USA ever comes close to it. It's really nostalgic to find this Web site here. Anyone have NTSC copies of some of the episodes?
Martina BauerováCzech RepublicI love The Professionals.
NatalieUSARecent Professionals fan with a special interest in Ray Doyle.
Gail RussellUSAI'm here because I've admired and loved Martin Shaw since Doctor in the House (or shouldn't I mention that?). Can you believe I haven't seen the Professionals – only heard about it. Didn't know anyone knew of Martin over here. Thank God there are others who have!! He's great.
J M EnriquezArgentinaI love this series!
Mary WithersAustraliaHi, I am a big fan of the show, impatiently waiting to see the new series in Australia. If anyone has any news of when it's finally being shown in Aust. let me know!
Paul "Wish I was more aware of the 70's" DouglasUKWhether it was the cars, the clothes or the true hammy-ness of it all – it was soo coool, especially those discotheque (there's a word for you to ponder over) scenes. Ray Doyle dancing? Excellent. Time for another daydream.
Gustavo ToledoArgentinaIt's great to watch the shows after having been in the UK. I'm able to recognize some places now!!
Sergio TiraferriArgentinaThe Prisoner, The Avengers and The Professionals are the best series of UK TV, but I love CI5 – Cowley, Bodie and Doyle are great!!
Adrian GimenezArgentinaI've been a fan since I can remember. I really enjoy the series because of the way each character is portrayed. It's great to have found these contacts and the possibility of sharing points of view on the show with you all. Please e-mail me!
Edward LishakEnglandHi, my son Scott & I have been watching the repeats on satallite TV recently and am hooked on it. Anyone wishing to discuss the programme, please contact me.
Rick SoperUKAny Capri owners out there? Anyone into: '70's cop shows – esp Sweeney – and other TV, movies or screenwriting, or who just thinks that Lew in The Professionals was the coolest guy, in the best TV programme, ever? Please give me a shout. I'd especially like to chat to any fans living in north or south America, Canada, Japan or any Pacific Rim country.
Jason TarrantUSAHi, Ex Londoner here, grew up watching New Avengers and The Professionals.
Cath RussellEnglandNewly converted Pros fan, like both lads equally but am also a big fan of Martin and his other work. Love to hear from anyone else keen to obsess...
Gabriel SantagataArgentinaI'm a big fan of this series, please mail me with news.
Juan Martin CeroliniArgentinaI'm a Professionals fan – Call me, please. Thank you!!
Glenn KellyAustraliaWell what do you know! I turned on the TV Friday night and to my delight there was CI5 The New Professionals. Somehow the same but yet with a more modern feel. I must say I lived in horror at the thought of them trying to redo the series we so loved but I think they have come as close to doing it as we can expect. I thought the last scene of the episode was a nice tribute, not only to Major Cowley but to the true hero of the original series Gordon Jackson. PS Any other Sydney fans on assignment here?
OlwenAustralia (Sydney)I have been a fan of The Professionals since the mid 80's. If you would like to chat – drop me a line. Over and out!
Ali MolloyUKI remember watching the original series on TV so I am now in heaven knowing there is a website and constant updates about my fave boys particularly Bodie/Lewis. Love to chat to other fans!
Renate GorkeGermanyHello, here is a new/old fan. I zapped only through chance in the new series and didn't know that I would end up as a fan. So I missed the first episodes of The New Professionals – can anyone help? Of course I remember very well the old CI5-series and would also love to hear from young/old fans.
ElianaArgentinaBodie y Ray, vuelvan.
Barbara SkevingtonNew ZealandI am a Bodie fan and have been since the show started. An excellent TV and stage actor who is the real deal, and a real man.
Guadalupe GonzalezArgentinaSoy fanática de the Professionals. Los miro todos los días por TV. Bodie y Doyle, los amo.
Samantha MartinAustraliaGreat to see I am not the only one around.Got my first taste of the lads back in 1983-84 when I was 15. Fell in love with them instantly..Waited 15 years to see them again on PayTV just recently. Now I am trying to hunt down a Capri the same as Doyle's Gold one.Can anyone help me I am missing only 4 eps. Love to hear from anyone who is as mad keen on all this as I am. 4.5 OUT
Daniel JimenezArgentinaI'd like to talk with other "The Professioinals" fans all over the world. I love it. It´s the most brillant English programme. I love British culture too. Thank you all.
María del CarmenArgentinaMe gustaría recibir todo tipo de información de la serie, sus episodios y sobre Martin Shaw.
Sandra HardimanUKAnyone know an address I could write to - to get a photo of Martin Shaw? I thinks he looks even better now than he did then!!
Nicola PierreGermanyI'm interested in any books that have been written about the series - please help!
Marcelo De MasiArgentinaAlthough I am a steady viewer since early 80's in Argentina, now in a re-run season, I've discovered how great the series and the actors are.
Tony BullerEnglandA big fan of the series from 1977. Can anyone help me track down the Corgi twin-pack 2536 and Postamags 3, 4, 5 and 6? If you want to talk about The Professionals, e-mail me anytime.
Federico VerdierArgentinaCI5 crew is great, now it´s on the air again in Argentina (1999), and the things we see (cars, clothes) look very old, almost funny, but still amazing.
John RowleyUKI am a big fan of the original series, and am enjoying the new series on Sky One. I am slightlty worried about the direction that Lexa Doig's character might take – so far it has a lot of potential. Can anyone direct me to a good site with photos of Lexa? Or perhaps e-mail them to me direct if anyone has any?
Quentin GriffithsUKAny fans out there that want "C15 CAR" as a license plate? Offers invirted...
leno lenartArgentinathe professionals rules!!!
AntonellaItalyWow! I can't believe I find this web site! First of all, Doyle's fan. But Professionals are really a Kult Movie! If any of you can help me to find videos I will be grateful forever!
Ross WarwickEnglandAnyone who would like to chat about the new/old series of the professionals, please contact me
Jackie SkidmoreEnglandFan since about day 1 ;-D Would love to read non-slash fanfic and chat about the show
Julia AndersonAustraliaI am a fan of the CI5 The New Professionals I especially like Sam Curtis.
KyraGermanyI love The New Professionals and would like to hear from anyone who is also a great fan of The New Professionals.
Steve ParryUKI am a great fan of the original series, I would like anyone's thoughts on the new series, or let the makers know direct on: drobertson@sovereignpix.com
Grant PattersonEnglandWhat can I say? One of the best TV shows ever! Politically Incorrect and good fun. I've been watching since the age of six. Although I don't think the new series comes even close to the original. If you want to discuss the series drop me a line. Keep up the good work on the website.
NairanaAustraliaI'm a huge fan of the New Professionals (I've never seen any of the original episodes :( and especially Kal Weber!! Any New fans want to chat?? (Any info. about Kal, pictures, etc, would be very much appreciated!!)
Carol JamiesonEnglandI'm looking for a friend who doesn't actually think I'm nuts because I'm mad about the Professionals.
Ezequiel A. FerrariArgentinaI'd like to contact CI5 fans
Susan MordenUSAI'm a die-hard fan of The New Professionals, especially of Agent Sam Curtis...Incidentally I'm also a Bodie fan!!!
Ales ProchazkaCzech RepublicHi CI5 fans worldwide! You ought to know that Czechs not only consume 160 litres of beer per year, they are also hardcore fans of The Professionals. Though the show is quite frequently broadcast on our TV, Czech viewers seem not to lose their passion for it at all. Maybe it's the harmful effect of drinking – I hope not!
Ezequiel A FerrariArgentinaI´m a CI5 fan from Argentina and I'd like to contact fans from other countries.
Federico BrocherArgentinaCI5 is great!!! It's incredible that we can see it again in the new Millennium!
Juan Manuel RissoArgentinaCI5 is the best TV serie I've ever seen. Bodie and Doyle are the best cops worldwide! I like The Avengers too!! Go CI5!!!
Daisuke AsagaJapanDada-da. Dada, dada-da dadada-dada, da dada-da ! Became a Professionals fan eversince its first broadcast in the late '70s. Been back in Japan for over 15 years. The series was aired in Japan about 10 years back but at midnight hours. Only Martin Riggs can equal Bodie!
eva carbonekArgentinaCongrats for your fab site!It's great to know somebody out there still enjoys the series!
Julie ChadwickAustraliaI am interested in contacting any one who wishes to have a 'pen pal' in Australia. I am female, 34 years old and enjoy Sci Fi as well as 'The Professionals'
Guillermo AmentaArgentinaJust like Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Bodie, Doyle & Cowley were (and still are!!) one of the best things to happen in my life. If you share the same feeling (or not..) mail me.
Elaine BoydAustraliaI'm 35 and I am a huge fan of the professionals. In particular Doyle. Would love to chat to any other fan!!!! I can't believe that there are so many other fans.
Peter Van De WardtAustraliaA show that you can never get tired of. If any fans in Oz are interested in tapes, drop me a line.
ZoeArgentinaI grew up watching The Professionals and now I'm glad to find that the show is as good as I remembered. Gracias Uniseries por seguir transmitiendolo !
Kathy WilliamsEnglandRecently rediscovered the charms of Bodie & co (thru my kids). Loved it then but only now do I realise how good the show was.
Diana McCartyAustraliaHi again. Am now 37, so its been 4 years since my last message posting. Still obsessed with The Professionals and of course Bodie/Lewis. So if there are any fans out there who are just as obsessed with Bodie/Lewis as I am out there, please drop me a line. Go for it! 3.7 OUT!
Diane HughesAustraliaI have been rediscovering the Professionals over the past year or so courtesy of cable tv. Long live Arena! Oh, and Black Star Video too!!
Keith McDowellUKWhen I was 13 years old I wanted a Capri like Doyle's tarmac ripper! 16 years later I got one! Ford should GET RID OF THE COUGAR (it can't even out-drag a Vauxhall Vectra so it MUST be TRASH!) and release a revamped Capri with REAR-WHEEL DRIVE!! (Front wheelers are way too politically correct).
Rodolfo Fernando BonelliArgentinaI have always loved this series I would like to know everything about our heroes.
Nathan JonesEngland
Patricia RaregFranceHello to all the Professionals (old and new) fans! I too am huge fan of the Professionals, indeed I gew up watching British TV series. Today I am a great fan of CI5 the New Professionals. Yes, the plots had some weaknesses but I loved it. I'd like to have the episodes of the new pros in the original version because it was shown last year in France in French. I'd also like to know more about Lexa Doig and Collins Wells (pictures,news..and so on.). And yes the Professionals rule.
JuliaAustriaAm I the only fan left in Austria?
Mike LangleyJapanRecently have got full 57 stories of Doyle & Bodie (& George) on TV!
michelleukFan of the original professionls,especialy Bodie.
dennis meyergermanyThe Professionals: best detective storys at TV ever! Mr.Shaw, Mr.Lewis please come back! Never forgotten: Gordon Jackson George Cowley the really great brain in detective storys history.
Patricia NapolitanoArgentinaI do Love Lewis. I got a letter from him 14 years ago. It was an unforgetable moment for me. I nearly died! Lewis, I still love you. You, professional, out there, contact me.
Ian MackieEnglandWhat a fantastic web site!! After months of searching I now own a Doyle machine (not the original one) I just can't help rolling across the bonnet when I go out in it, oh well!!
Des GlassEnglandLoved the show from the start.Actually saw filming of episodes as a teenager; KICKBACK, OP SUSIE, etc. Love to talk about it. COVERMEEEE!
Izzet ErdemGermany / TurkeyIn the 80's I saw it in german, I saw it in turkish and now I see it every week in german tv (sometimes the replay same night). I can't get enough. It will be great when The Professionals came back with new episodes, but with original cast and the location of London! ( I don' like The new Professionals with activities all over the world!!)... Selam!
pete wartonenglandi'm not the only one who don't like the NEW pro's then!
Mauricio Hernan FerranteArgentinaContactos para crear fan club y site Argentino escribirme
MaritaArgentinaI have been a fan of the boys since 1980 and I continue watching them to this day. They are GREAT!!!!
stefan raffetsederAustraliaAnyone want to talk to someone who*s been watching Doyle,Cowley and Bodie for over 20 yrs include me in
Brigitte ZbiekGermanyI am a Doyle fan but I like to watch Martin Shaw in all the other roles, also audio tapes. Like to read fanfiction of The Professionals and The New Professionals.
Clare RickellAustraliaI'm really a Yorkshire gal, they've been showing The Professionals on Foxtel over here on a weekday afternoon I'd forgotton how gorgeous Martin Shaw was and now I keep having dreams where I don't want to wake up have I gone back to my pre 20's??!!!
Kevin SmithAustralia
Martha-LisaAustriaHello! Here is one of the two "SIMRAN" Ladies from Vienna. You remember?
FrancescaItalyE-mail me, if you want
Luciana BertolottoItaly"The professionals" old serie it is GReAT
gareth scantleburyEnglandI have just found your site and have been a regular visitor since. EXCELLENT SITE!!
Paul MccartneyUK45 to 37. I thought I was a number 1 fan until I reached this site. Does anyone have a copy of the channel 4 interview with the characters from 1997(i think)?. Also write if you have any cool Professionals stuff for sale. 45 out.
Dave LockeBritainYet another "prof" fan , and it's nice to know there are other fans in the year 2000 ! I have a copy of "Klansman" so if you want to borrow it e-mail my friend whom will pass it on to me.
sharon chambersnew zealandbig fan missing doyle & bodie & cowley & murphy now they are not on tv. have some videos & books though.
Pavla PozdílkovaCzech RepublicI adore them - Cowley, Doyle and Bodie (he's great -I'm his BIG fan)! And what about You? The Professionals forever!!!
mafaldaitalyI'm interested in all about Mr. Lewis collins.....and something on Mr. Martin Shaw, too Please,let me know.....thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria Clara CiacciarielloArgentinaI'm a huge fan of the professionals and I love Bodie. He's so perfect!!!!! I like to contact other fans
AthenaBritainHi All professionals fans. If ne1 is interested in chatting about the prof then please get in touch
Mark SherlockEnglandKeen to talk to anyone interested in the Professionals, the cars, locations, actors, and anything else..where the hell is that TR7 !!
Antonella MartinezitaliaI'm looking for Italian fans of Lew&Martin. ciao a tutti!
gricelda gonzalezArgentinaI love The Professionals since I was thirteen years old and I still do. My favourite is Bodie.
Markus MildenbergGermanyWhat are the actors Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins doing today?
Bodeun Critchellbodeun@yahoo.co.uklove the site. Do you know if there are any posters from the original series which can be bought??? Cheers Bodeun
Dave GriffithsEnglandDoes anybody have a high res 640 x 480 and above image of the original CI5 logo, for use as a Windows desk top image. If so could you e-mail me a copy!
Jerry-Joe BishopUKPlease help, I would love to get the soundtrack file to this show and cant find it anywhere
Gill, Alison, Chris and Joanna HaleUK
Stefano ZagoitalyI'm a fan since early the '80s. Now in Italy TMC transmit"The professionals". The best police-spy serie in the world.
Miriam DeaconUKHi there, I am a great fan of The Professionals, especially Martin Shaw ( have a thing about curly hair!!!) so if you are living in the 90's but still love the 70's drop me a line!
kanakoJapanI love Bodie, Doyle & Cowley!
Jule InapsAustraliaG'day, I'm a big pros and Bodie fan and have been since the early 80's, I'm 35 now and still watch the repeats, anyone out there(pref.U.K)that would love to talk about the show etc..PLEASE E-MAIL ME
Barbara RevelloItalyI like "THE PROFESSIONALS". My favourite is RAY DOYLE. I'm looking for "PROFESSIONALS" friends to improve my english! Ciao.
Louise CullenNew ZealandHi I am a great professionals fan and a friend has recommended this site for fanfic etc.
Oliver SchmidtGermanyGreetings to all fans - the following is only for Germans: Ich suche schon länger nach guten Videoaufzeichnungen der Serie - falls jemand ein gutes Archiv hat und mir dieses kopieren/anbieten könnte, bitte mal melden!
Lara MöllerGermanyHi everybody! Great to see, that so many people also enjoy this fantastic show! I just love the two lads and can´t get enough of them. Have been collecting video tapes for about four years (bought some everytime I visited good old London) and still don´t have them all. But I´m working on it... Still looking for some books on the shwo, but just can´t seem to find anything. However, have a good time everybody!
Neil HatcherUKGeneral Professionals fan.
Jana VejborovaCzech RepublicI am really glad to find someone to share my love to Martin! Welcome!
AntUkBodie and Doyle Kings forever New Professionals load of crap Any thing CI5 am your man. shout it with me Bodieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
A InglisNew ZealandI really like this programme. I used to tape it when it came on. I always used to watch the tapes that I taped.
Nick AmiesEnglandDoes anyone have any idea where Lewis Collins is? What is he doing? How could someone get in touch with him? HELP!
Sandi AshworthNew ZealandI must confess that I really enjoy the professionals. The casting of this programme was excellent and I must add that Lewis Collins oozes attitude, he most certainly has the X-factor. I truely believe he was the Roger Moore of television and he should have been chosen to be the new James Bond charactor.
Doris RufliCanada/UKHave been a Professionals fan for years and have recently had the pleasure of watching some New Professionals episodes. I am convinced that there should be a second series. Anyone agree?
Stefan RaffetsederAustraliaAnybody still interested in writing to a lonely spy out-posted to the out-back who enjoys THE PROFESSIONALS,Sci Fi and the original Superman,feel free to write before I go mad!!!
Oliver LomaxGreat BritainI'm a big fan of the professionals , particularly the music , would love to get in touch with anyone who wishes to discuss the shows music and Laurie Johnson and other 70s composers.
wendy hoggarthenglandhuge fan of bodie and doyle.especially martin shaw purchased 2 vids on website, shops told me were obsolete big thanks to your site.e-mail me anyone?
Barbara MedakCzech RepublicDear Lewis! I love you.You are briliant actor.I have been atmiring for long time.Please do you write me.
Josie ArnoldEnglandI love this site. I adore The Professionals. I love the style, the humour and the good guy/bad guy thing. I was obsessed as a kid and just getting cable it has brought it all back. Go Bodie go! Love to talk to anyone about it all, my friends think I am nuts!
Chris BryantAustraliaThe Professionals on DVD would be good. Maybe a Special features section would be good in the DVD Menu's containing biographies of the Characters or Actors as well as interviews. Would other fans be interested in these idea's for the DVD release.
Terry HineUSALewis Collins fans should check out the article on his shot at being 007 which is up at the FANDOM site, 007 FOREVER. It is a trimmed version but worthwhile with a picture from his screentest. Write for info
Mathew AitonAustralia
Enda HehirIrelandDoes anyone have the old Nissan ad of the Professionals and The Sweeney. I loved these ad's as a kid and would love to see them again!
Sherry DorseyUSAJust love Martin Shaw!
Gilly ProcEnglandHi I am A BIG fan of the Proffesionals and until now I thought I was the only one left! glad to see I am not! I have been a fan since I was a small kid and I am now 30! I have all the episodes on video and now I can read your guide to them it has made it so much more fun! I never realised there was so many bloopers it is like watching them all for the first time! Keep up the good work and thankyou for the brilliant website!
megan kakouCanadaliving in a french territory where no-one has heard of the professionals,haven't seen the show since years,what videos should I search first?
Joy AllenEnglandI'm too young to have seen the series the first time round, but GPlus (he he) introduced me to it.
Daniele CambiasoItalyI love the "old" Professionals: please write to me!!!
Julie & DianeSouth AfricaWe are sisters who are mad for the original Profs - Diane loves Bodie and Julie loves Doyle - we are ex pats from UK, been over here quite a while.
Joe FarrugiaMalta Hi! I'm a 29 year old great "The Professionals" fan, & am delighted to have found this web page. THANKS DAVE! Any other fans who would like to correspond?
Jon LatteyNew ZealandAm looking for any one wtih acces to any of the episodes, so I could start a collection
Karen PeachIsle of ManHello! I would love to get in touch with other Professionals fans.
Ian WittsEnglandWhen is Lewis Collins come back to TV email me and tell me when
steve johnsonenglandi love the professionals, and i have had a go in the silver capri where it was forsale a while ago! i am also hoping lewis sends me his autograph soon as i wrote to his agent.......i hop and hope and hope! great site too!
chris rumensenglandThe professionals are number 1...
Emma DixonEnglandVery Big Professionals fan. And an even bigger Bodie fan!! Professionals forever!!
David GriffithsUK / USADoes anybody know if you can get The Professionals on video tape in America? I have all tapes back at home in the UK (on PAL), but I wanna buy then here (on NTSC)...help please!!!
Oliver SchmidtGermanyI love this show. I would like to hear from other fans of the show especially from German ones.
David RobinsonAustraliaThe GREATEST show to ever grace our TV screens. The new series did not compare, but what could. Drop us a line if you wanna chat about the cow and his boys!
jane baconenglandabsolute Martin Shaw fan. Watch everything he's in - abit sad for a woman of 43!
Andi SilanoUSALooking for Pros videos (American format)!
Alan GouldUSAWould like to purchase ntsc tapes, help!!!!
mark feaseyengland"I'm inordinately happy about this quality site."
Dana PavlovskaCzech RepublicHi friends, I want to know someone who loves THE PROFESSIONALS like me.
Lisa de AzevedoUKDon't you just love the way Lewis Collins handles his weapon?
Dan BartosCzech RepublicThey RULE! and I'm sure that they will NEVER die! Any1 from Czech interested to talk about CI5? Just drop me an e-mail! This web site kicks!
Jeanette CliffEnglandBeen a fan since early 80's and loves both old and new shows.
Stephen BrungarNew ZealandKeen to hear from any fellow "Kiwi" Professionals addicts. First saw Profs as a 9 year old in England and have been mad on it ever since. Definitely the greatest TV series ever made! A brilliant concept! Loved the hard hitting mixture of police work and SAS style action. The English locations and the 70s-80s era helped make it great too, as did LEWIS COLLINS and GORDON JACKSON.
Nickie MoranUKAttention all units! Bodie and Doyalists report to headquarters immediately!! Ta!
SiennaNew ZealandCant believe I get to seen the Lads everyday, not having to wait a week in between! Does anyone know if MS had a daughter by Maggie? I am fascinated by MS acting career but find RD gorgeous!! Anyone else feel the same?
JulianEnglandHi I am a big fan of the Professionals I live in north London And when I was a kid I have watched the cast filming on location a few times ( In Crouch end). What I wold like to know is their any kind of conventions taking place.
Kristina HarmsworthEnglandHi I am lucky enough to live in a town called Bracknell where quite a few of the episodes were filmed. In the episode "where the jungle ends" even Binfield is mentioned in honour of where they filmed mostly. (no there is no RAF Binfield)
Alison DugdaleScotlandI wanted to name my eldest son lewis colin but hubby said the poster above the bed was more than enough.19 years later they both still just humour me.lewis collins is still sex on legs!!!
NormNew ZealandTo all the Professionals fans Hello! At the moment I have been enjoying reruns of the Professionals. Not to many episodes left(sad) but have managed to tape as many episodes as humanly possible. Question- has anyone got any pics of the silent Professional,Steve Alder(Murphy). Your help would be greatly appreciated.
Chris SwindellsEnglandAny young female fans from surrey out there? ;)
Jennifer BrookesNew Zealanda professionals fan since the start even my kids like the programme is there anyone in New Zealand who has taped all the programmes as i have missed some and would like to have the complete series
Steve SimmonsUkGet in touch all
matthew weedonEnglandcowley the best boss bodie and doyle the best agents in the world.long live ci5
JulianUkHi all Professionals fans around the globe: I have a freind who stared in one episode (Klangsmen). I have also a number of photos of buildings and streets where the cast filmed. one of which is demolished due to a W7 bus hiting it. it. any fan wishing to e-mail me fell free.
Mark OsborneEnglandAny fans of the show who own or no someone that owns an 'S' Capri in either Silver,Solar Gold or Tibetan Gold or an RS2000 in Diamond White I would love to hear from you.
Brian GriffinUSAI used to live in England was born there and lived for 18 years, the Professionals was a great show i used to watch back in the day. One question, anyone know what happend to Lewis Collins? I never see any info about him, like what is he doing now, is he still acting? if anyone has any info pelase write to me. Thanks. Brian.
Barry ThomasNew ZealandI'm keen to hear from other Kiwi fans.
Claudio EstieuArgentinaexcelente página,felicitaciones.Tengo todos los capitulos,me falta sólo la foto autografiada(no sé si entendieron la indirecta).Felicitaciones,en serio.
Debbie DawsonNew Zealandlike to hear from fans who like the original Professionals.
Julie MarriottNew ZealandHi I am 34 years old and I have being a Professionals fan since the age of about 17 or 18.Over here in New Zealand we have had reruns of the Professionals and I also have some of the programes on tape for keeps sake.I am glad to see that I am not the only one that is into The Professionals in a relly big way.I there any way we can send an E-mail to them.I hope there is someone else that feels the same way that I do. Is there a fan club out on these guys, if not then there should be. I hope this works. Bye from Julie.
Marcelo EstevezArgentinaHello, you really have an excellent page where to be able to remember the best police series in all the times. I saw the series for the first time when I had 9 years old, in 1982... (that year, do you remember?) and be hooked by the force of their histories and of their characters. At the present time I am trying to write a police series as THE PROFESSIONALS but regrettably there is not enough budget. Recently I saw the new series but I feel that he lacks what I call: substance. I would like to know that it is of the life of Lew and of Martin, many greetings, and UP CI5!!!
Paul Fletcher-RidleyGreat BritainYep, I am the one responsible for the Professionals Location tours ! Keep in touch for regular updates of forthcoming excursions or any location gen that you might be after.....
Lesley-AnnScotlandAlways loved them, always will! Isn't that just the way with first loves!!!! Feel free to talk to me, when I'm not working on the Bodie/Doyle internet temple of worship I will be glad to natter!!
Kate BeavanEnglandI love The Professionals to the point of having a C.I.5 tatoo! Bodie is beautiful!
Diane PerryEnglandI'm trying to find the number 'Doyle ' had in the professionals? can anyone help
Craig FarndaleNew ZealandYep, it's pretty wicked now that TV One has been playing the re runs again! My sister is taping them all, great Chrissy present. Been a fan since my dad let my stay up late once. Oh, I want a Ford Capri, and some bastard has a silver Capri with CI5 on it in mint condition around town!
Katharine HemmingsArgentinaHello everybody!!!!!!!!I have a big doubt:in "The purging of CI5" :When did Bodie sprain Cowley´s wrist?Please,someone clarify me this. DAVE:YOU´RE A GENIOUS AND A REAL PRO . Thank you very much for this superb site!!!! SHARON:I´m agree with you in all your comments,especially in the way you analised "Fall girl" (I can´t believe how Bodie could be so in love with that Marikka girl) and "Blind run"(it´s one of my favorite episodes:terrific action and fun.Doyle was unforgettable with his funny looks!) PLEASE,PEOPLE FROM MY AND OTHER COUNTRIES MAIL ME.I´M 21 AND I WANT TO SHARE THIS PASSION FOR THE PROS AND KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT THESE THREE SUPER HEROES!!!
andrew whiteEnglandwhere can i obtain some photographs from the old professional series, i used to live on an airfield that was used in the series and have lost photos i once had.....if you could help, it would be appreciated....thx
Carolina B. CannonArgentinaThere is no other serie better than this! The Professionals are the GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!
Leah ProwseEnglandHello1 Big fan since about 3 years ago, going on the location trip this year (waves to Paul). CI5 Forever!!
Ben LeachEnglandMy name is Ben Leach. I am 25 and I have been a big fan of the Professionals since 1997. I after a copy of the Klansman Episode. I would to speak to other big fans and people who love Capri's
Belinda ChenowethAustralia Hi all! I've always been a fan of The Professionals and used to thoroughly enjoy getting out the video tapes of episodes that I'd taped off Foxtel (Aust. Pay-TV). I went travelling O/S for a number of years, have since returned, unpacked all my boxes (which has taken the better part of 18 months all up!), and am having a great time rediscovering all the episodes! Hence I've decided that I'd love to get my hands on more 'merchandise', be it in the form of books, videos, toys, posters, whatever! I've enquired at a couple of different avenues, but have yet to receive a response ... so, if there's anyone who can point me in the right direction re the above, I'd be most appreciative! (it's hard for us fans down here in Australia to find anything on one of the greatest shows ever screened on TV!).
Perry VirgonaAustraliaI am avid Professionals fan. Unfortunately I was adivsed by Lee Binding (from Contender) that the DVD's planned for June 2002, will be in region 2 format. So unless you have a multi-zone DVD player, its bad luck for all those Australian fans.
Julie Shaw (unfortunately no relation)South AfricaI am a HUGE Doyle fan - still living in the past! I refuse to watch the New Professionals cos there is only one original show.
sharon chambersnew zealandProfessional fan especially Doyle, enjoy getting emails from other fans, really miss seeing the pros on t.v.
Warren BassettqUKPlease can anyone help? Am interested in CI5 - The New Professionals - particularly the episodes Tusk Force, Phoenix, Back to Basics and Choice Cuts. I have the rest of the episodes which I recorded in Isreal in 1998 but the 4 episodes I have mentioned above had already been transmitted before I had my cable television fitted therefore I have never seen them.
martin brucenew zealandloved the programe was even better the second time around liked all three of them but bodie was my favourite
sue horneUKi'd love to hear from anyone like me who thinks Martin Shaw is the sexiest man in the entire universe!!
Kay CharlesworthEnglandHi to all CI5 fans out there hope your missions all go well and Alpha 1 doesmn't give you to hard a time "on you're bike"
steve hootonEnglandHello to all fans and I am looking forward to the pub crawl along the old Profs locations this year!!! Absolutely the best show ever and rightly so too.
Gary WhittakerEnglandBeen a Professionals fan from day one.Love the show. Would like to talk to other fans about said series. Anywhere in the world!
JessicaEnglandSecond generation CI5 girl - particularly keen on Bodie - happy 2 chat sometime to fans of the original Pros.
David HigginsScotlandJust getting into the Professionals through Granada Plus (of all things!). Superb. Bodie is God!!!
M.PrivalovaRussiaPlease, send me autograph from Edward Woodward. My address: 129327,Russia,Moscow,Menzhinskogo st.,23-1-36, M.Privalova
AugustoArgentinaI´m 13, and The Professional catch me since the first moment i see.Is the best best series ever because is very realist and his cars are greats!.Here we see it in Uniseries.Go CI5!We want you back!
Kerry, Heather and Little CI5 AgentsNew ZealandIts great to see we at Schwass HQ are not so mad after all. We are BIG CI5 Fans and have infected our kids with our madness. Bodie rules!!!
Joe HornUSAI've been a BIG Professionals fan for a long time and I'm excited that they are finally releasing the DVD set, however I don't think it will be for the U.S. region. Please!! Don't forget about all your fans in the U.S. I was able to purchase a couple of VHS tapes but the quality was not that good.
Janice WoodUKAfter watching repeats of The Professionals on Granada Plus, I realise I am still in love with Lewis Collins! Anyone know where I can find an up to date photo of him on the net....?
vikki reayenglandI am amazed that there is a site for fans of the show. Fantastic. Doyle was my 1st crush.
Jo BrowningWalesHi all. What can I say that hasn't been said already - LOVE the show (and both lads tho Doyle is my fave) although I only *discovered* it fairly recently. Instant obsession, with the fast growing video collection and shrinking bank balance to prove it:) Want to talk about the show, or anything else - feel free to drop me a line!
LEE ADAMSENGLANDCowley, Bodie and Doyle..,WOW MAN!! I grew up with you guys, LWT's finest without any doubt. You even gave me some cool driving tips... If you're reading this note Lou or Martin, get in touch. The force that is Lee Adams NEEDS YOU!
Noelene BevingtonAustraliaplease advise the best way to obtain a full set of the video tapes (particularly inlucding discovered in a graveyard) Thanks
Mariano WiszniackiArgentinaSoy fanatico de la serie desde chico y no puedo encontrar informacion en internet sobre la serie. Me gustaria recibir datos sobre la historia, detalles y demas
Gabriela Silvia MorenoArgentinaIwant to wish a very Happy Birthday to Lewis Collins Ireally admirate him
Jayne BastianAustraliaHave loved the show and the boys since I first saw it on Aussie TV way back then
TresUSALooking for 2 New Professionals episodes (NTSC format): Tusk Force & Samurai Wind. Or all eps to make things easier. Please help. Thanks!
Gabriela Silvia MorenoArgentinaI´m interesting to contact with some fans .I hope your message soon .Thank you so much
damien oneillaustraliathanks for you hard work and dedication to your site, and this fantastic show. i have been trying to buy this dvd for ages, seached the web and found your site with info on the dvd realease for australia. and bought it straight away. thanks so much damien
andy mooreenglandwhat was bowdies first name
maggie whitlockenglandI'm interested to hear from anyone interested in the Profs and who are as serious as me!
AgustinArgentinaI ve´been watching the series for a long time and it´s great because of the plot that is developed in each episode and the quality of the actors and the action scenes....unfortunately it´s not very popular in my country
AriannaCanadaI've just discovered The Professionals and am looking for fanfic sites. To read...and maybe to write. I've been writing for a couple of other sites. Could you point me in the right direction?
Brian GormanEngland38 yrs old now, saw the show from the start and loved it. Looking to make contact with other Professionals fans!
Stephen MillarScotlandDoes anyone know where the three restored "Professionals" capris (COO251T, VHK11/12W) are now?
AmberEnglandHi has any1 got the 1985 annual for sale cuz im looking
Stephen SAustraliaI would like to purchase the dvd box set of all the series, but I am unable to find them in Australia. Can anyone help or suggest where I can obtain the series on dvd format?
Cristina CantaboniItalyProfessional forever. I would be part of the list of contacts
graeme allisterscotlandi want a white RS2000.. anybody got one? oh, and the professionals, best tv ever.
Andrew GrantEnglandTop site, i loved the professionals when they burst onto the scene to the point of creating my own dossier on them , collecting any newspaper clippings magazine articles etc that i could find. i have had a couple of hazy hours looking through the site, transported back in time to being 14 again ...great!!! cheers, Drew
Katherine DyerEnglandPsychiatric nurse in North London looking for like minded fans/fashion followers to chat with!
Lindsay WestallEnglandPlease send me more details of finding out more about joining other Professional fans-thanks in advance...
Diego DemarcoArgentinaThis messagge in for the only reason that I would like to know if is possible to obtain contacts with the site in the web or mail with the actors that had been in the tv show I hope your answer soon Diego Demarco
Ellie CarleyUK19 year old female Prof fan with particular interest in Bodie would like to hear from others!Wish CI5 was real.....
Chris WinnesGermanyAnybody with the DVD's in Germany? Who knows, where to get the german-speech disks (if at all)? Don't think, all my Video-tapes would survice another year :-0
Lee Deeb;eEnglandWhere can I download the theme tune from the professsionals
Adrian KandesUnited Kingdom
Dawn BradleyEnglandI'm totally in love with DOYLE but Bodie ain't too bad either.
Gwynith ButlinUKAnyone know whether mobile phone covers with Doyle and Bodie pics are available?
Maureen WilsonUKI am new to The Professionals, having missed it when it was originally aired. I now have satellite TV and am finding out what I missed! I am very interested in Lewis's 'This Is Your Life'. Thanks if you can help.
Guy MorleyUKi am 28 years old and i am a big fan of the old professionals i am looking to make two friends hwo look like Bodie and Doyle from the UK so we could look like CI5 if you are out there please email me,i have got a car it is a (ford granada 2.9i Ghia E856 EVK) i am doing it up so it can go back on the road,it came off the road in 1999,i have got know friends and know girlfriend i am still looking for a girl in the UK,but if there is a girl in the uk looking for a boyfriend please email me,all the best Guy
Alan Sozausathank god i found this web site how can I buy dvd or videos of the entire series i grew on this one
daniel lunnunited kingdomits about time .ive been looking for a site like this for a long time.the ci5 lads are the best
Daniel BalazSlovakiaStory, herci, hudba, humor, satnik, equipment...vsetko je na svojom mieste! Ked raz budem velky, Ford Capri a chronograf P011 budu moje:-)
Peter Van De WardtAustraliaA show one can never get tried of. Also any Oz fans interested in a full set of tapes, drop me a line.
rob weeberukdoes anyone know if there is a "Professionals" rintone available for nokia 3310. any info appreciated. rob
David ThompsonAustraliaTook me two years of being on the net before it dawned on me that I might be able to locate a site for my all time favourite TV show. Anyone with inf on posters, memorabilia etc, or who would just like a chat about the Poffesionals the please E-mail me.
Larry Bradyswedendrop me a line or two
MebyUruguayMaravillosa la serie, sin dudas la mejor de su época.Me interesaría contactarme con gente que como yo sea seguidora de Los Profesionales.
Linda TurnbullAustraliaDoes anyone know where VHS editions of episodes can be obtained in Australia?
Chris DaviesUKTop show that professionals! Classic british TV at its best.
Jason Burrowsunited kingdomim 27 in the midlands. love the series just got them on dvd, so if your like me, id like to meet you, are any girls into the series??
Russell MacfarlaneScotlandHi, On 30th Dec 2002 New release of DVD's, all 57 eppisodes in one big box set. Im deffinately thinking of buying it, heres a link:


Cheers, Russell.

EllieUKHi there! 19 year Bodie fan,absolutely love the show,would like to hear from like-minded peeps!!
Steve CouchNew ZealandI loved the Professionals, the action, Lewis Collins, The capri's and Doyles TR7... errrrr... and lots of choice artillery!!!
Mark KinvigIsle of ManDo you like exitement, fast car chases, 1970 innuendoes, tough CI5 agents, a boss who loves whisky, and great lines like 'The way to her heart, and all directions south!!', please get in touch to chat about the best T.V. series ever made. Cheers - 37 to 45!!
Tracy Ann MulliganEnglandi love watching the old videos of cowley bodie and doyle would love to chat to other people
John Hurst CafferkeyIrelandI love the series particularly because of the beautiful Ford Cars. Have Corgi decided to produce a model of the MK2 Granada shown in the film. I have a Granada myself. John from Ireland
bobby milneuk
NiliIsraelHI. I love the show , need i say more i'm F , age of 34 , and would love to tolk just about to every one :-)
Paul CampbellEnglandI am a great fan of the professionals and have started trying to collect some of the original merchandise from the 70's and early 80's. I also have been looking for a tan leather jacket like the one bodie wears but as yet have been unsucsessfull. If anyone knows where i can get one could they please email me. I am also working on a professionals story that i am going to make avaliable free from my website, if you want info please email me, thanks. Keep up the good work!!!
Daniel TobinNew ZealandI'm a newbie...Watched it for the first time about a year ago, now I'm hooked - love it, fav would be Bodie. Would be cool to hear from any other fans.
Bobby MilneU KRe-discovered the Professionals on Granada Plus and then found this great web site thanks for all the info
Glen ReaEnglandWanna get in touch with any other 20-25 year old professionals fans. I remember them as a Kid & watch them on G+ now
paul stokersingaporeas an english expat working here,i wondered was there any other fans out this way ?
Harry BettsEnglandalways enjoy the repeats on granada plus bring back the pros
Kath FreemanEnglandLoved to talk to any Doyle/Martin Shaw fans from anywhere in the world
Jesper AntvorskovDenmarkI have been a BIG!! fan of the professionals since 1982 and will like to get in touch with orther fans there want to trade professionals items, I have some good ones!... what about you? , I am looking forward to hear from you :-)
BARRY TOSELANDENGLANDFANTASTIC tosee the boys again, they've really stood the test of time. The NEW Professionals? No way, The NEW Avenders was rubbush as was Return of The Saint. The only arguably successful re-make has been of Mission Impossible, and it took Hollywood to bankroll that! If it does come back, with Bodie as Cowley (as some speculate)he should be more actively involved, a rule-breaker and he and his team concentrate more on 'deniable' operations. cheers, BT
John hadlowEnglandWould like to hear from any other fans of the show,we"ve just recently rediscovered it!!
Carolina Laura GarciaArgentina I think the serie is just incredible. Congratulations for th site!! I´d like to be in touch with fans from all around the world.Bye.
yvetteEnglandInto everything 'Professionals', especially the fan fiction (all types). Ambition for 2003 to meet Martin Shaw or Lewis Collins depending on whether hols are spent in Los Angeles or Norfolk!
MartinaAustriaplease contact me
KarenNew ZealandHi, I've been a big fan since watching the series when I was a little younger. It's great to see the series repeated. My favourite was and still is - Ray Doyle. Also enjoying seeing Martin Shaw as Judge John Dead - he still has it.
JASON SHEPHERDEnglandPoint of interest ;Ref Gold Capri was a press car used by Ford at the time .In fact many PNOs were sold to dealers after Ford had owned them as Ford Direct A1 Cars with warrantied mileage and history.Ive owned two Granadas (2.8is +Scorpio)that were both Ford press cars in there day. Registations on the Rover cars can confirmed as coventry reg nos issused to the factory.
Jiri JelinekUSA/Czech republicSharp guys from CI5 gave me a lifelong inspiration! Many thanks to those who made it possible!
Mary DominiakUSALove Pros, especially Bodie; it's because of Pros that I sprang for a PAL/NTSC VCR with built-in converter a few years back, and now I'm contemplating buying the DVDs -- I'm hopeless!
A.S.HGermanyI absolutely love The Professionals! Excelent british TV-Action with great shots of good old London. E-Mail wellcome fron any other fans!!!
MichelleMALTABack in 1987, when I was just 17, i watched ALL the episodes of "the Professionals" on Italian TV...in Italian, of course. Can you imagine Bodie & Doyle partee in Italian! Still brilliant I mus say. Anyways, had a MASSIVE crush on Lewis Collins for most of summer '87, as girls do...Now I've ordered series 1&2 on DVD and looking forward to the nostalgia rush!
Steve CrosslandEnglandI would like to correspond with any professionals fans,male/female from anywhere in the world.
Richard RyderPolandI think the proffesionals was a great series...pity there where not more episodes made...
Vince DanielGermanyHi from Germany to the fans of one of the best tv-series ever made!
Lucie BosakCzech RepublicThe Professionals are the greatest serial of all time!!! And Lewis Collins, Martin Shaw and Gordon Jackson are the greatest actors of all!!!
Doug PaulAustraliaI'm a huge fan of the ORIGINAL(1977-1981) series. Lew and Martin were great, but Gordon as Cowley is my all-time favourite: Gordon Jackson forever!!
Michelle VigarMaltaHave re-discovered The Professionals thanks to this site! Have been a (Lewis Collins) fan since I was 17 and saw the complete series on italian TV. Now greatly enjoying watching Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD - brilliant! Would like to hear from other Pro & Lew fans.
Gaston GenioArgentinaHi!!!!! I love The Professionals. I try to see it every day. I like all the characters specially Bodie. Fans de Argentina escriban!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil markhamaustraliaany fans in austrlia can contact me
Rob MarsdenEnglandSuch a big fan I nearly spent £10k on one of the cars!! Now I wish I had. My 280 will just have to do.............for now!
Christian SchwarzArgentinaThre first time I watched Ci5 The professionals on TV I was shocked. I guess was in 1983 on argentine TV station Canal 9 (Channel 9). And it was so real. Since then, I have been a CI5 fan. An I still can enjoy it everyday at 7 PM. All the best for CI5 fans around the globe!
Scott McDonaldAustraliaIve always been a big fan of the professionals, Just bought a dvd with Close quarters, Everest was also conquered, When the heat cools off and Long shot on it.Can anyone tell me if i can get more episodes on dvd?
Boris Seitlerslovakiawhere can i buy DVD from CI5, and on DVD its complete episodes ?? Thanks
phil markhamaustraliafavourite show
Elaine RogersEnglandThe Professionals are great, although Martin my fav. (do I need to say more), wearing out videos !
TigerlillyNew ZealandHow do I Love the Professionals? Let me count the ways.......not enough words to express them!
Leonore BacherAustriaWould like to get in contact with other Profs-fans and am very interested in "Death in Holy Orders" which should be on TV in GB in summer????
DAVE KILLICK ENGLAND Love the series, the theme music is wicked, the cars cool, Bodie, Doyle and Cowley all excellant actors. Long live CI5
Mark Southwick uk Did you ever find the soundtrack?
Walter Germany Is there anyone, who can tell me differences between the DVD-Boxes. well there is that bib new box with all 4 series in it and those "old" boxes containing only 1 Series per Box what kind of languages are on them and how about the sound (mono/stereo/digital remastered) ... thanks for information to my email-adress
Anne-Marie Caluwaert Belgium Hi! I Have been a fan of the Professionals for about (well to be honest over) 20 years now. Have written fiction stories; publish magazines. Is there anyone out there who remembers me?
Diego Uribelarrea Argentina I am a fanatic of these series. I bought some vhs in Amazon. I want to complete my coleccion and know all about the professionals comunity. My country is not very benefit with de money exchange but y make my best to have all this excelent video colection. Thank you very much.
Ilan Dsouza USA hi i am 36 years old ,and one of the fans of this fantastic series ,better than the Sweeny and Demsy & mCpeace ,do u know how i can purchase the videos of the series pal/ntsb system. thank you ,Ilan
Yana Russia All fans of CI5 The new professionals write me! I am waiting for your letter!
Michael FuhrerGermanyHi! As the Contender-Box has no Subtitles, which makes it sometimes difficult to follow the dialogue, i like to know if there are Transcripts to every Episode ? Thanks.
jane baconenglandlove martin shaw
alan rodgersenglandAnyone fancy a chat about the best tv series of the 70/8o's.
Beth HannafordAustraliaHi Professionals fans round the world. Ok, that sounded terrible I know but I'm Australian, I don't know any better (big grin)!
"Jenny"ScotlandAnyone interested in chatting about Martin & Lewis should get in touch!!!!!!
Helen HunterEndlandHi! Great to find so many fans of the Professionals! All my friends laugh at me and call me sad, but i don't care! Love Martin Shaw and watch everything he's in!
rick soperUKWould love to hear from any Professionals and Bodie fans, especially Spanish-speaking countries, US, Canada, Australia and Japan. Did/does anyone else have a career similar to Bodie's? I once had a gorgeous, black 3.0S Capri; then sold it for a Fiat X1/9! (Drops shaking head into hands in embarrassment!)
Scott MaddenCanadaHi, looking for the North American DVD's...can anybody help?
mameri yacinealgeriaI'm very friendly
anna parrishu.s.a.come join my yahoo Pro group
eduardo alvarezArgentinaI would like to meet people from all the world to chat in English about one of the best series of all times: The Professionals.Please E-Mail me
KusySwitzerlandOne of the best series I ever saw!!! Especally their car, Ford Capri. I like that one!
Dave WaitesenglandHugh fan of the show especially the cars and i am the spitting image of Bodie, so if there are any 25 year old girls out there im your man!
steven youngEnglandI have always been a great fan of em especially bodie he is great my girlfriend doesnt understand.she thinks im sad does anyone know what he is doing now (lewis collins)
Diego UribelarreaArgentinaWich is the episode that Body claims a hight tower with a rifle with a scope and he have to hit a long shot target of a long distance. thank you very much.
Yusuf AlandaluzArgentinaexcelente serie. ¿recuerdan cuando le hicieron juicio a CI5? todos los capitulos son buenos... con mis primos nos juntabamos a ver la serie.
Stuart PerryEnglandJust a quick message to say my first son was born on 26th November 2003 and we have named him Lewis after Lewis Collins
Gilbert StoifAustriaIs there anybody who knows the autograph address from lexa doig?
Martin GeravbreenetherlandsI was a late fan of the professionals and I would like them back on tv.
AnnaGermany/UKSo, the internet is useful then...? I just wish this had been around c. 20 years ago when the P's were on German TV for the first time. We just couldn't get ANY info or contacts.
AlejandroArgentinaAt 35 years old, I grew up with this spectacular tv serie. I've recorded all the episodes, and I think I can rephrase almost all the dialogs between the characters! Great, great fan of the show !!!
Ann HaywoodEnglandLoved the Professionals from day one. Want to talk? Love to hear from anybody who's a fan of the show!
Mark KinvigUnited KingdomCalling all CI5 fans! As a free-lance writer - and die-hard fan of 'The Profs' - I intend to write a magazine article celebrating the programme. I've already been in touch with the series creator, Brian Clemens, who's been very helpful. If any one wants me to ask him a specific question regarding the making of the series, or the actors, please e-mail me. Any such questions or advice most welcome. Cheers fellow fans!!
Gina SugdenENGLANDHi All, I have every single episode of the Professionals on tape (1st time round) - was and still am quite a big fan of the Professionals - Met Lewis Collins (Bodie) in the early 80's at his charity disco's in Finchely North London- anyone else go? He was lovely - Was upset that I missed Martin & Lewis film in my home town of Potters Bar Herts - where I used to live, Have even still got Lewis's record (can't remember title) that he made and still got the paperbacks - and some pics of me with him -!! Saw him a couple of years ago at the Haymarket Theatre in a play near where I live it was great seeing him in real life again -- I also Love Martin Shaw's stuff on TV too.!!! Oh I have gone on.....
Toni JohnsonEnglandHave been a Bodie fan since first time round (those dark brooding looks). Have got all the DVDs, all the annuals & paperbacks - just trying to convince hubby that a 3.0S Capri is just what we need....
Craig 'Bodie' TaylorUKAfter watching what I was lead to believe was the first ep Private Madness, Public Danger...I was hooked now got the DVD's and loving every moment of it all. My nickname is actualy either Bodie or MacGyver, I was given them while I was in school (now in college and 19 years old).
john mitchellUKlooking for a tape or dvd of the theme tune
kevin mcmenaminukis any on here from around the luton area i was in town the other day and seen a red jaguar with the reg C15 Spy ill try to get a pic of it and send it in to the site
CindyAustralia What a great site! I can't believe there are so many fans after all these years! I loved 'Doyle' when I was young but now love 'Bodie' (he's such a MAN). I'm 37 going on 14! Will be a fan forever!
Jatona P Walker United States of America Hi! This is to update my information. I am still a fan of the show and will be ordering the DVDs very soon. I would love to hear from other PROSers. Oh, if I may be allowed to mention - I love Starsky and Hutch and The Man From UNCLE (especially Illya Kuryakin)!
Karen RuprechtAustraliaSending out an SOS to the world.....Longtime professionals watcher has recently developed alarming symptoms such as scouring op.shops for red and black plaid jackets, the desire to steal a ' 78 escort, and entering doorways with a forward somersault to crouch.Seeking chat therapy .
anna mooreCanadaI'm looking to complete my collection of The Professionals. I need to find a reliable source in Canada where I can buy them. Can anyone help?
"Paul"United KingdomCowley is the man, so cool yet so vicious. The Professionals RULE.......
Jana HradecnaCzech RepublicThis is probably the greatest serial ever. I love Doyle. Hmm, I wish I met someone like him in my life...
Petr HasikCZECH REPUBLICI like watching this serial is very exciting.
Kurt Jensen Norway The best TV show ever made is (as we all know) THE PROFESSIONALS. We never had it on TV in Norway though. I got to learn about it through SKY channel satelitte television in the mid eighties. Of course I taped every episode I could catch. Reseption was a bit bad some times so there wasn't any point taping some of the episodes. However I did watch them! Even though a snowy picture and sound distortion almost drove me nuts. I still have all those Betamax tapes. Anyway, I was wondering, have anybody ever thought about arranging a PROFESSIONALS convention? Or maybe it already has been done? I would certainly like to go to one. It should be arranged in London of course with trips to some of the "holy" location places where scenes were shot. Later we should watch one or two episodes on film while we sample a pint or two of exellent British beer. TV and video is fine but nothing beats seeing Mr.Cowley, Bodie and Doyle on the big screen. If such a thing could be organized the only Norwegian PROFESSIONALS fan I know of, ME, would certainly be present. Maybe Mr.Shaw and Mr.Collins could be persuaded to come and say hello as well. Ok, take care, Kurt!
simon dennisonEnglandEngland
"steve"united kingdomJust like to say "The best action series ever made!!"
Ian LevisonUKI'm making a history of cop dramas and wondered if anyone knew of any celebrity Professionals fans and also whether any of you guys had some interesting anecdites bout the show that would liven up my programme.
jan stevensnetherlandslooking for docu soap and comedy for a dutch local tv broadcast station
Simon TiernanUKAnyone know where I can get a copy of the New Professionals on DVD or VHS?
Susan BoothAustralialove the show was just reminising
Isa SneddonScotlandlooking for a ringtone for a samsung mobile phone of the theme tune to the TV series The Professionals. can you help
Richard ColemanEnglandWatched it as a kid , but only got seriously into it a few years back after watching the re-runs on Granada Plus . Now a Massive fan and never get fed up watching the episodes again & again . Cowley the real star for me , but Doyles RS2000 was such a cool motor . Still searching for the odd piece of merchandise , so anyone with any hard to find stuff please drop me an e-mail .
Brennie DelaneyUKJust completed my collection of The Professionals and I'm looking to talk to other fans - no-one I know appreciates the quality of the series! I'm in my mid-twenties and live in the West Midlands.
NEIL LEESUKHi, big Professionals fan here (since the early days.) Would love to chat to other fans of the best drama series ever.
DOUG PELTONCANADABest Show of its era this side of UFO and SPACE:1999. Original fan since early 80s. Want it out on A&E DVD here in North America. CI5 Rules!
paul jeffriesuki have been an avid fan of the professionals ever since i first started watching it when i was about 10 years old when my father used to let me stop up late especially to watch it.....and the fact that i was (and still am) mad on fast cars, the professionals series provided plenty of fast car action, which i think any fan will agree.
Miss Joan NorrisUnited KingdomParticular fan of Bodie!
Sammi MartinAustraliaThis is just to update my details as my old email doesnt work anymore.. I am still a huge fan of the lads.. always have always will be :) Love to hear from anyone who is just as a nuta bout them as me lol. Hugz, Sammi
Sharon DronNew Zealand ly enjoy hearing from other Professionals Fans. Doyle and Bodie are the best.
Pete "The Meat" BrownUSALived the life in south London for far too long. Left all my videos behind when I had to leave. Interested in soundtracks and old videos that will play on US machines.
Glen ReaEnglandWould like to contact any professionals fans who remember the series first time as a child - I was 6 when it finished. Anyone of a similar age (mid 20's)?
ken saundersirelandis it possible to purchase the full collection of CI5 on dvd.
JOAN NORRISEnglandI'm mad on the Professionals,recently purchased many items on e-bay. If anyone interested there have been copies of "The Complete Professionals" by Dave Rogers coming up for about £35!
Rachel SaintyEnglandI found some Pros videos in a charity shop which reawakened my interest in the show, have recently brought the complete dvd set. I have a complete set of paper back books. I am a Cowley/Gordon Jackson fan. I also like pros fan fiction.
Dale MalonowichCANADAI loved CI5! Love to purchase the DVD series but afraid it won't work with my North American JVC NV-N55 DVD. I need 'The Cow'!
Fabio De FrancescoItalySe ci sono altri italiani che ritengono come me che i Professionals siano stati la migliore serie inglese insieme con Agente Speciale perchè non fondiamo un fans club anche noi?
David BarrattEnglandlooking for any information on Cowleys Granadas.VHK 456S, VHK 518S,OWC 822V and FEV 24T. Recovery on any of the above is no problem and taken no matter what condition.
Jose LuisArgentinaCI5 is the best TV serie I've ever seen. Bodie and Doyle are the best cops worldwide! I like The Avengers too!! Go CI5!!!
JanetUKCan't believe there are so many fans out there! Just downloaded a pic of Martin onto my PC as desktop - now I can drool whenever I feel like it. Been a fan right from the beginning and still follows the careers of Martin and Lew. Saw everyone of Martin's theatre shows. Would be great to hear from anybody.
KateNew ZealandLoved the Professionals when I was younger, now the proud owner of every single episode on DVD - simply magic!!!
Justin FergusonScotlandI have been a fan since i watched my first episode in 1978.I have just bought all the box sets on DVD and they are better than i remembered when i was an 8 year old boy.
Paul RogersUnited KingdomHi, love the site! You don't hear much about The Professionals these days, I remember the series when it first screened even though I was a kid. I even had The Professionals kit one xmas, a box with a gun and camera and ID card :-)
Sue WiseNew ZealandLong time fan
Geoffrey UyUSAWould like to purchase a complete set of DVD of the TV series. I need to know where I could purchase them here in the US and if the DVD will run with the equipment over here. Thanks - Reply through my email.
Akinslovakiaif you feel like having a talk about our guys and no one to turn to, just send me an email, i will gladly enjoy in our mutual passion
LouisaEnglandHi, I'd really like to meet more Professionals fans to chat about the joys of Bodie, Doyle and Cowley. By the way Dave, this is a wicked site
Paul FroggattEnglandHi great to find so many people who are fans of this fantastic programme. Look forward to hearing from you to talk CI5
Michael ChappelEnglandbodie and doyle are best crime fighting duo ever.Bodie`s sense of humour gives it the british touch.I have even called one of my cats bodie( Sad.. I know.)
Andy TaylorEnglandI love the Professionals more than anything...test me...and if anyone has any info on the New Professionals...let me know.....Bodie and Doyle rule....
Ainsley StonesEnglandHello All. Having just watched all 57 episodes, (after loving the later ones as kids) we were inspired to buy 2 Mark 3 Capris! They are quite fabulous and very cheap at the moment. Go on, buy one and practise rolling across the bonnet! By all means get in touch too!
Sharon DronNew Zealand Doyle & Bodie are the best. Just not the same without them on the TV. Brought the first series on DVD, now just need to get a DVD player so I can watch it.
susie b and andy pandyuki love doyle xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
AnnieIrelandI am looking for a ring tone for my husband John, he is a huge Professionals fan and we even have a Capri to prove it! Can anyone help?
Jacqueline WainwrightAustraliaI would like to communicate with any fans of The Professionals. I have recently acquired the DVD boxed set with 4 seasons and it's fantastic. My tapes were becoming a little worn out. I have enjoyed reading the information on the site. Sad to read that Lewis Collins' career petered away. I bought a copy of Who Dares Wins and really feel he deserved a much better fate.
Bhavik MakadiaEnglandwhen is there going to be a re-run of this brilliant tv series? . specially on Saturdays !
Shaun EvansEnglandLove the series, especially the Ford Capri's that were used in the series....would love to hear from anybody who has any info on the cars, especially the one's that are still in exsistance!!!
MarioGermanyI would Love to have the whole Episodes on DVD. But not only in English. Does anybody know where I could get Episodes in German when possible on CD/DVD. I hope someone can help!
Gill SmithNew ZealandAll us New Zealand fans will be glad we can get first series on DVD. When is second series due?
Rob ReesUKWhere can I get a copy of the 1996 Channel 4 documentary?
Phil CarterEnglandHi, i'm a big Professionals fan, even though the program is way older than me!
Sarah HiomEnglandLoved "The Professionals" from when I used to watch them as a young impressionable girl ! Now reliving those moments via the full DVD collection ~ I am in HEAVEN !!!
Ken WilsonBritainTo all fans of The Professionals: ITV are running a competition to pick the top 50 programmes in the last 50 years, but have omitted The Professionals, so if all fans go on to the page and vote for The Professionals they will get their rightfull place in the top 50 programmes of ITV, so vote now.
David BarkerAustraliaThis is one of my all time favourites! I am currently hunting for the series The NEW Professionals - they did not screen them all over here in Australia. Is there anyone that can help me out? I will be backing up my copies of this series to DVD very soon. Cheers, David
"Martin"ArgentinaI`d like to get the subtittles for all the episodes. Thanks !!
"Lucia"ItalyI'm italian girl. I wish to give a big kiss for Edward Woodward, please. Excuse me for my english.
Angela BellAustraliaHi there. I am a huge fan of Lewis Collins and am wanting to find out what he's up to now, as well as some photos of him now
Mark ReaderEnglandhello probably one of the best tv series i watched as a boy
Kate EglintonAustraliaThis is a great site. Loved catching up with the info about the guys. I found the box set and the past weekend I just watched 14 episodes of the show. The first time I've seen it in over 20 years! AND I remembered some scenes! And they still made me laugh...how good is that!
Terry JohnsonUKCan you tell me how to find out on which episodes of The Professionals David Cheryl was the Assistant Director please?
Mirru StehlíkováCzech RepublicI absolutelly love Lew & Pros. They are the best action series ever made. I'm really thanksfull to the creator of these pages!!! Lidicky, jestli jste sehnali v Cechách Profíky na DVD, anebo jejich tricko...prosím, mejlete mi :)
Sean CampbellAustraliaHi everyone, 37yo Professionals nut from Australia here who would like to get in touch with similar fans - cheers Sean.
Christine NewtonEnglandI did not know there were so many others (relatively)so passionate about series. It`s just so fanastic Thanks for website.
Rick SoperUKI'm a big Bodie/Lewis fan, and loved the show. Watched each episode as it was originally screened. 25+ years later, I'm still a huge fan. Would like to hear from Japanese, Canadian and Spanish fans especially. Dave, thanks for your excellent work fella! Great job. :D
rodrigo orbeaMexicoI'm sure I saw Pierce Brosnan as an extra in a Professionals Show, inside a van as a communications technician from CI5...does anyone know anything about it?
Tracey Joneswales what was doyles response number?
Britt GilbyAustraliaLoved the show when it was originally televised. Getting my kicks now from seeing Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed, he's still gorgeous....and I agree with Joanne from Sheffield, Uk...I wouldn't kick him out of bed in the morning either!!
Chris NewtonUKEnjoying it more 2nd time around it would be good to contact like minded people, who don`t think you are mad!
Jonathan UpstoneEnglandHello everyone. Would just like to say hello as this is my first posting. I am possibly quite a young Pro fan at the tender age of 29 but i absolutley love the pros for its action, humour and ofcause those lovely motors!! Do hope there will be a new (proper) series in the future especially with one or two of the original cast - how about Lewis as Alpha One?!
Helen WhitcombeUKDespite being born when the second season was being made(!) I am fast turning into a big CI5 fan (thanks to the current repeats on Men & Motors), and especially of the delicious Bodie....
AndreaItalyIn Italy I thought I was the only Professionals fan... and now I discover how many there are!!! Ciao Andrea
Christine MugnierFranceI love Bodie, Doyle and Cowley ! I've seen them on french tv in the 90'(in french) and rediscovered them with the dvd but in english. I would like so much to hear them in french again. But thanks to them, i spoke again english since school.
ben weddupenglandhi there does anyone know where i can get the badge that was on the back of the escort rs? it was a gb sticker with an emblem across it?? im willing to pay for it!!!!!!!!
Ruth DuckworthEnglandLoved the series as a ten year-old to fourteen year-old and the repeats on cable have just rekindled that! I thought Bodie was the best thing since sliced bread, and am quite surprised to find that I still do! Am very relieved to find that I'm not alone. The 'young people' these days don't have a clue what I'm talking about! Love the website, keep it up. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a copy of the 1996 Channel 4 documentary?
Audrey HammondNew ZealandHave just become a huge professionals fan and now have the complete episodes on DVD. Would love to hear from other New Zealand fans. Martin Shaw is my favourite
Petri KaasalainenFinlandGrrreat stuff!
kevin snelgroveEnglandA fantastic series of the 80's recreated by this informative website. Great stuff.
Liz HodgsonUKI was mad about Bodie & Doyle as a teenager & now get to watch them again on Men&Motors....... I'm even dreaming about them! I'd love to know what Lewis Collins is doing these days? Anyone know?
garry thorntonu.kHi as anybody got a spare copy of LAWSONS LAST STAN that they would like to sell me.
Richard SyPhilippinesI'm a fan of this TV show. Where can I get the DVDs? More power to The Professionals casts.
Liz HodgsonUKI was mad about Bodie & Doyle as a teenager & now get to watch them again on Men&Motors....... I'm even dreaming about them! I'd love to know what Lewis Collins is doing these days? Anyone know?
STEVEENGLANDHi - Would love to get in touch with other PROF Fans anywhere. Has anyone got the documentary of the Channel 4 show from a few years back?.I Have all the episodes, all 7 annuals and 2 models of the cars including a professionaly built one off model of Doyles RS2000. So dont be shy and get in touch Cheers - Steve.
Klaus KristensenDenmarkI grew up watching The Professionals, what is there to be said other than it's the greatest series ever.
Kathryn McCleaNew ZealandI will be visiting London in May and would love to purchase some Pros videos/DVDs. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good video shop where they might be on sale? Cheers
june evansenglandI am trying to find out the The Agent that deals with Lewis Colins, is it still Susan James and does anyone have a contact number for her please many thanks
Pablo CullinanArgentinaAlguien tiene los subtítulos en Español de la serie?
Lee DaviesAustraliaWow thought i was the only one...lol MY Fsvourite show growing up and still is
Ade BlackmoreEnglandhi there what agreat site!!!! Ilove the professionals I've got all the episode..cheers Ade
Jéssika LugoVenezuelaHola. felicitaciones por esta página es excelente! Agradezco si me informan dónde puedo conseguir los capítulos de la serie con subtítulos en español. En Venezuela no se de nadie que los tenga. Mil gracias!
griceldaArgentinaHI people Im a huge Pros fan... Im still in love with Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw since the first time i watched the serie in the 80s , when i was a kid... Fans out there contact me, please!!!
Roch HellyerAustraliaVery impressed by the "professionalism" of your site! You guys should do a Professionals Landmarks tour of London.
Lisa RobinsonukI`ve loved The Professionals since the beginning,loved Doyle since the beginning,love Martin Shaw!!
Stefan Saundersportugalwhats hapened to lewis collins since
carina vanderleydenbelgiumwere can I order (of find 2hd) DVD of the serie?
Andrew WinsladeAustraliaFor anyone in Australia, i just bought Dossier 2 (already had 1) from JB Hi-Fi. 4 disc set with 14 epsisodes. Got it 2 days ago and I have watched it already....
Colin GoldsonGermanyI would love to know where I can get the british t.v series as a box set from. If anybody has any ideas please let me know or just drop me a line
Lee DaviesAustraliaWow thought i was the only one...lol MY Fsvourite show growing up and still is
Andrew BirchEngland Just been to see the new bond, Lewis would of been better. Come back Bodie we and TV need you ! All the best from Andy from Wigan
alan ditrichovskiczech republichi guys, i am interested in the music used in the tv. has anybody any idea who is tha artist that wrote or plays the main proffesionals theme?
Colleen ThomasAustraliaLove the Professionals Huge fan since I was a kid. Good to see it back on tv
Oscar SanzArgentinaWhat wouldn´t I had given to have a wild ride with the lads in one of those RS-2000s!
andrew whiteunited kingdomI am really happy that i found this site. I can say that my favourite episode has to be - A Man Called Quinn. I lived on the airfield where this episode was filmed. This is Chalgrove Airfield in Oxfordshire. Same airfield was used in the episode - Cry Wolf.
Mark AsperAustraliaWhat an excellent site. All my wishes (except a new series) come true. Good to see some Aussie girls into the boys too!
johanne hughesukHi i loved the Proffesionals in my younger days!! anyone else likewise
Bodie CollinsSwitzerlandHelp: I want an autograph-adress of Lewis Collins, but I couldn't and can't found/find it! And: I love them all!
Sonya EarlAustraliaHI, I have been a fan of the Professionals since I was a teenager and I am currently collecting and re watching the series box sets as they arrive here in Aus.
Anne GrangerNew ZealandI want to say hello to Lewis Collin's you are my favourite actor. The professionals is my favourite programme but I have to find Dvds and videos because it is not on TV anymore from Anne Granger
Andy JacksonNew ZealandIve been a huge fan since 81. I was 11 then. Still a huge fan now. Re runs have recently finished here on UK tv in NZ. I have alot on video already, but not all episodes. Great show still with action & humour. Keen to hear from other fans from all over the world. Katharine Hemmings, what other info do you have? I am pleased to see so many other kiwi fans here. This site is fantastic.
Mark CormackEnglandHello all - would like to know why Series 5 has not been released on DVD yet? Regards Mark
Andrea BrozovaCzech Republicwhat's more impressive than Bodie looking a beaten soviet agent firmly in the eye? ... oh yea, perhaps Bodie looking lustfully at some good looking girl...
Paul RobinsonEnglandFrom all at White Hart Lane we love The Professionals, does anybody know where to get a real ring tone from?
gustavobuenos airesnecesitaria los subtitulos en español de toda la serie
LeeEnglandWatched it as a child then thought I'd grown out of it. In the 70's I was more interested in guns, cars and fights than the plotlines. Watched it again on cable recently expecting it to be a bit cheesy but found it was fantastic. Other than a bit of dialogue and some of the fashions it hasn't dated at all. Above all, this show is part of British culture now and its influence goes on if you care to look. Class.
Karl DriverUnited KingdomAs a keen fan I am after info on Cars Owned by Martin Shaw as I may have bought one. Its a 1990 Merc 560SEC. Any help would be cool, Cheers Karl
Nicola ThwaiteUKI have for sale a mint condition (i.e. not ever coloured in) colouring book if anybody is interested.
Rebecca HawkinsukAny information about any of the featured motorbikes? We have a Honda XL 125 and we believw Bodie Had one. Regards, Jamie
Andrew JamesonUKThe episode "Spy Probe" was part filmed in a boat yard in Brentford. I know this for a fact as my Dad was working there during the filming. I can supply further details if required.
mary millsUKTrue fan of The Professionals (mainly Bodie as had a rare photo of us together at a local night club back in the older days!)and am loving all the repeats
Adam KreisslUnited KingdomI've been interested in the professionals for a few years now, since my dad bought the first episode on DVD
Robin JohnsonGreat BritainI had a Escort Mk2 RS2000 with a very rare automatic gearbox. I had it two days and some one nicked it.
Miriam BorgMaltaHi I'm a huge fan of the Professionals, especially Lewis Collins. I have done some fan art of him. I was living in London at the time of the filming of the Professionals, still in my early 20s. So everytime I watch the videos I feel as if I'm still living in London in the 70's. I'm so glad to see so many share my passion. Hope to hear from some of you soon.
Bruce CameronAustraliaI am imnterested in obtaining copies of the show but do not know where to go. I live in Brisbane, Australia so if you can give me any tips I would appreciate it.
neil smithsonGreat BritainHello all I would like to enquire if their is a biography of Lewis Collins, if not can anyone recommend a good website with alot of photographs of him on please.
Martin AceEnglandThe Professionals is my all time favourite television programme. Anyone know where I can get the theme to download to my mobile for a ringtone please?
Caz ConvineAustraliaA huge fan of the show since the first airing in Australia in 1978, I must say it still holds up very well in today's TV world. Well, except for some of the wardrobe - but that was even suspect in the 70's. Would love to chat with fellow fans.
neil fitterUKHI, does anybody know what the tune is at the beginning of "No Stone" when the crew are hanging out by the carvan feeding the rabbit and get told "It'on"? I would really like to know.
Graham C GibsonCzech Republicdidn't know so many Czechs like this programme! Still the best thing on Czech TV, pity about Gordon Jackson. Great to see Martin on tv recently.
rick soperUKLooking to contact Maria Jose Larghi, if any Argentinian Professionals fans can help?
andy jacksonNew ZealandHi there to any NZ fans. Can any of you help me with DVD collections? To all fans, anywhere feel free to email me if you want. I'd enjoy talking about your favorite parts.
Chris ClarkNew ZealandWatched the first couple of seasons of the Professionals last year on the SKY channel UKTV. Marvellous!
hendrikje jorissenBelgiumHello, I'm a fan! I looking to extend my collection. Does anyone know where I can buy "The New Professionals" on DVD? Or do you have it and want to sell it to me? Please contact me! Thank you
Peter LittleAustraliaOne of my all time shows growing up - even made up my own ID for CI5 have NEVER seen the Mk2 Capri in Austraia - Only Seen the older type from the first season.
Adam Zuska Czech Republic Totally addicted...
Nicki KingUKIs there anywhere where I can get the The Professionals theme tune for my mobile
richard rudzivaZimbabweIndeed I used to watch the TV series back in the eighties- Buddy, Doil and george Carly(excuse my spellings) were real heroes.They dont make them like that anymore do they??????????????/
Javier DobaloArgentinaThe most real action series in the history. I love Bodie´s gray Capri MK III S and his amazing 9 mm. And, obviously, the sense of humor of Cowley !
Ed PhelanEnglandA big hello to all the CI5 fans out there. Since seeing the 'The Professionals' on satellite 3 years ago, I've become hooked. What a truly fantastic series that was ! I have 2 items personally signed by Martin Shaw. Having difficulty obtaining Lewis Collins', presumably because he now lives in LA, can anyone help me I wonder ?
gary oliverenglandwhat ever happened to louis collins
JUAN PIACQUADIOUnited States of AmericaThe Professionals is one of the best shows ever!!! I used to watch them i9n the '80s back in Argentina where I am originally from and have been waiting for years to buy them. Last year I bought them on DVD for the european region. Since then I have seen the episodes so many times I cannot even count them. I am available to be contacted by email if anyone to shares some comments about the TV show.
Christine LaneUKlike Nicky King UK would love to have the theme tune as a ring tone
Justin JarrettEnglandAnyone know the name of and author to the music played in the "Female Factor" shortly after Doyle gives the scented cigarettes to the hooker? It's also played in a number of other episodes e.g. at the beginning of "Backtrack" on the radio.