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Episode 'Weekend in the Country'
Story Synopsis Off-duty and unarmed, Bodie, Doyle and their girlfriends are captured by fugitive criminals. WriterGerry O'Hara
Guest Stars Bryan Pringle, Brian Croucher, Louisa Rix, Ray Burdis Directors James Allen and William Brayne
Production Order
& Filming Dates
Block 3, Episode 11
4th October 1979Recording of news announcements (with newscaster Gordon Honeycombe).
8th to 22nd October 1979Main shoot but hampered by production difficulties.
24th October 1979Cowley and Sally are flown to a spot near the farm, Judy tries to hitch a lift and subsequent scenes of her being rescued.
27th October 1979 (Saturday!)All scenes in the cellar. Re-shoot of some of the opening scenes in the woods and the brief shot of woman neighbour failing to spot Daniel trying to escape.
(See Sidenotes below.)
Original UK Transmission Season 4, Episode 13
14th December 1980
Dave's Comment

A cliched plot, but highly watchable (especially Jacqueline Reddin! <G>) and some great dialogue moments.

The cutting dialogue is superb throughout for all the main characters, with the tension of the situation never letting up until the end the villains even start squabbling amongst themselves.

Despite being bashed about a bit, Bodie has the best time with his jibing at the villains, making fun of their ignorance, while Diligent Doctor Doyle stays calm and quiet, though villain Albie suspects he "might be the dangerous one!"

The villain Georgie appears to be saddled with a familiar-looking Awful Tan Leather Jacket - no wonder he's psychotic!

The episode finished a little too quickly for my liking - the lads suddenly burst into action when it isn't really safe to do so. Still, one of the better fourth season eps, IMHO.

Sharon's Comment

This episode is dear to me because it was the first I ever saw. The tape was in dreadful condition and I could barely make out faces. I have better copies now.

While the story moves slowly and fairly predictably, it is a reasonable plot. Not great, but reasonable. The outdoor setting is quite nice.

Two wonders at the outset: Doyle on horseback. Sweet-tempered Bodie, cheery and fishing. Doyle on horseback. Watch the scene with the fish is Lewis messing around there or what! Doyle on horseback.

I love their clothes. Visions in Weekend Gear.

There are numerous "looks" exchanged between the two of them all through this show. Non-verbal, partner communication. Worried about the "civilians" more than they are concerned about their macho images or nabbing the villains. This threw me at first but it reflects the philosophy of CI5 perfectly.

More wonders: Doyle in a blood-spattered tee shirt, doing living-room surgery. Bodie, slightly battered, with his sleeves rolled up and his hands dirty. Bodie's private grin when the bad guy questions him about his job. Doyle as the "dangerous one". Bodie, playing chess with the boy.

A fun moment comes when Cowley chews out the local coppers. I like Sally wish we'd seen more of her. Cowley's role throughout is good another case of television fiction moving close to real life. Save for the coincidences, this event could have actually happened. Fairly nice work.

Numerous gorgeous close-ups. This isn't the best of Pros, but it's a decent episode.


Liz, readying herself to assist with catching the fish: "What am I supposed to do?!"

Bodie, perhaps with other pursuits on his mind: "Just grab it when I pull it out!"

(Seemingly an improvised exchange as it does not appear in the script.)

Cowley: "No chauffeur today, Harry?"

Harry, climbing into his Rolls Royce: "What?! Where's yours?!"

Cowley: "Oh, that's only on duty - and not all the time at that!"

Harry: "I saw you one day with a nice filly at the wheel!" *

Cowley, half to himself: "I wonder which one that was?"

Harry, teasing: "More than one, is there?! That's a bobby's job you've got there!"

Cowley, admiring Harry's car: "You think so? You don't do so badly yourself!"

Harry: "My only indulgence!"

Cowley: "How many wives have you had now?"

Harry: "Ah, you can't call that 'indulgence'!"

Cowley: "Well it's hardly abstemiousness!"

Harry: "Some religions encourage it and yet they're dead against alcohol. There's a message in there somewhere!"

(Unused portion of script. * - This was possibly an in-joke at the show's tendency to use different actresses as Cowley's driver!)

Vince, not convinced Bodie can fix the old Land Rover: "Sure you know about these things?"

Bodie: "A bit more than you do!"

Vince: "Yeah well I don't drive a clapped-out heap like this, do I?"

Bodie, teasing over the villain's youth: "Got a bike, have you?!"

Vince: "Bike! I've got a decent bloody motor!"

Bodie: "The spoils of crime, eh? Didn't exactly clean up yesterday, did you?"

Vince, proud: "You heard about it, then?"

Bodie: "Yeah. Big spread in the newspapers. Bet your mummy will be pleased!"

Bodie finds a Learner Driver plate: "Here y'are - you can have that for your bike!"

(Apparently ad-libbed by Lewis)

Albie: "What do you do for a living?"

Doyle, covering: "Civil Servant."

Albie: "Ha - ead boring!"

Bodie: "I'd have thought 'doing time' was dead boring."


In the scene where the villains are about to escape in the Land Rover, Bodie's sleeves are rolled up as he enters the house but are not so when the camera angle changes. (Thanks to Stephen Brungar)

When Judy is attempting to hitch-hike, all close-up shots of her show a bright blue, sunny sky. But all other shots from the same scene reveal a dull, overcast day.


Despite the low number of locations required for this episode, it soon got severely behind schedule. The early scenes of Albie holding the party at gunpoint as they trudged through the woods proved to be difficult to film due to the ground being rainsoaked, which led to actor Bryan Pringle constantly falling over, much to the amusement of his co-stars! Their friendly chat with rabbit-shooter Ben wasn't filmed at all at this point. To compound matters, later viewing of the "rushes" of the opening scenes by the river revealed poor lighting conditions, thus many of them would need to be re-shot...

By the time the standard two-week allocation was over, none of the rework or missing scenes had been started, nor those set in the cellar. Director Bill Brayne took over from James Allen and, with the next episode already in production, the cast and crew were brought in over a weekend to complete the outstanding material and re-shoots. (Thanks to Gareth Bevan and Bob Rocca.)

Deja Vu

Bryan Pringle (Albie Case) more usually appeared in comedies such as Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em and Rosie. Perhaps best remembered as the long-suffering barman in the second season of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, though had myriad other guest roles to his credit. Died in May 2002.

Brian Croucher (Georgie) is best known for playing psychopathic Federation commander Travis in the cult seventies sci-fi Blakes' 7, though he actually replaced the original actor in the role, Stephen Greif (later to appear in the Professionals episode, 'Lawson's Last Stand'). More recently seen as a regular in the BBC's soap EastEnders.

Louisa Rix (barely recognisable here with dark hair as Judy) starred alongside comedian Mel Smith in the amusing sitcom Colin's Sandwich and Gareth Hunt in the lame Side by Side. Better known, however, for playing the long-suffering mother of one of comic Harry Enfield's characters, Kevin the Teenager, in his sketch shows.

Ray Burdis (Vince) starred in both the TV and film adaptations of the controversial young offenders drama Scum. Went on to the lame sitcom Three Up, Two Down but subsequently moved behind the cameras to write and/or produce on films such as The Krays, the oddball police comedy Operation Good Guys and, more recently, comedy drama Manchild.

Sarah Lawson's (Mrs Shaw) most prolific role was as one of the governesses in the classic 70s prison drama Within These Walls. Retired in the early 1990s.

The lads are enjoying a free weekend with their girlfriends, Judy and Liz. The fishing and horseriding scenes were filmed around Warfield Hall, Forest Road, Warfield.
Meanwhile Cowley is playing at North Middlesex Golf Club Friern Barnet Lane, Whetstone. The police station seen later the episode is documented as having been filmed here also.
Taken by surprise by a gang of blaggers on the run from the police, the lads and lasses are frogmarched to Judy's nearby farmhouse. This is documented as Scotlands Farm, Forest Road, Warfield.
Judy's horse had run away and is hit by a car by the junction of Osborne Lane and Church Lane, Warfield.
Cowley leaves the golf club, exiting to Friern Barnet Lane, Whetstone.
Cowley arrives at the Burnham Beeches hotel, Grove Road, Burnham to prepare for a conference at which he expected the lads to accompany him.
The following morning Cowley drives to CI5 HQ, Slough Library, 85 High Street, although the interiors are documented as having been shot at an office at number 46.
With the lads still missing and finding that the telephone line to the farmhouse has been cut off, Cowley suspects trouble and takes a helicopter. The chopper lands in the grounds of Warfield Hall, Forest Road, Warfield - we see the gatehouse on-screen.
Meanwhile one of the villains, Georgie, forces Judy to try to thumb a lift on Forest Road, Warfield.

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