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Episode 'Cry Wolf'
Story Synopsis The police think a young woman who claims she is being harassed is crying wolf. Writer Paul Wheeler
Guest Stars Sheila Ruskin, Alan MacNaughton, Rona Anderson DirectorPhil Meheux
Production Order
& Filming Dates
Block 5, Episode 1
16th to 27th March 1981Main shoot.
1st April 1981Fight outside restaurant completed.
4th April 1981The lads tail Susan to work and share a joke about Wagner, Susan does her shopping, Bauer is informed by Miller and Smith of Bodie's involvement with Susan, Miller reports that Susan and Bodie have gone to Mrs Grant's place, Doyle searches Smith's body for ID, scenes inside the "BuggyBoo".
9th April 1981All scenes of Bodie in the empty neighbour's flat.
11th April 1981Various close-ups for the airfield scenes, Bodie and Susan crouch behind the Capri as Doyle arrives.
Original UK TransmissionSeason 5, Episode 7
9th January 1983
Dave's Comment

Pretty routine but it has its moments. Lewis looks half-asleep through most of it!

To be honest, the plot premise doesn't really make sense: why bother to merely scare the girl when surely the most effective thing to do would be to kidnap her? Anyway, I'm giving the story away a bit, so I'll not comment on that further.

Overlooking that point, the tension of the situation is effectively maintained all the way through. Rona Anderson does a splendid job as Susan's mother and has a nice sense of comedy...

... Speaking of which we have the welcome return of the much-missed Daft-In-the-Car-Banter!! Like 'First Night' Doyle teases Bodie over his eating habits. And more humour at Bodie's expense when Susan describes Doyle as being "the good-looking one"!

Best action scene comes in the shoot-out at Susan's apartment. (I think Lew is being doubled when he jumps from one balcony to another). The closing scenes at the airfield aren't bad, either, if a little unrealistic.

Not a bad episode but there are far better ones. Neat little twist at the end, though.


Susan, having dinner with Bodie: "You've hardly told me anything about yourself."

Bodie: "Yes, I have! I like good company, good food, hot sun, cold beer!"

Susan: "This 'I work for the government' bit - what does that involve?"

Bodie, needing to maintain his cover: "Just that. I'm a civil servant."

Susan: "So are traffic wardens and refuse collectors!"

Bodie, realising she's going to 'push' him: "I'm in security."

Susan: "Ah, now I'm supposed to say 'How glamorous - you're a spy!' And you're supposed to answer 'No, it's very boring - all paperwork.' "

Bodie, given some sandwiches: "These look like liver-sausage."

Doyle: "That's right."

Bodie: "I can't stand liver-sausage - you know that!"

Doyle: "No, neither can I, mate!"

Bodie: "Well what did you buy them for, then?!"

Doyle: "Well, they were just sitting there - no-one was interested."

Bodie reluctantly starts to take a bite.

Doyle: "Some poor old pig got the chop to provide that!"

Bodie throws the sandwiches down.

Doyle: "You're not eating your liver-sausage!"

Bodie: "Do you want to be force-fed?!"

Doyle, quickly exiting the car: "Well, can't sit around here chatting all day!"

Doyle, bored with the latest case: "Well has anyone thrown her out of the window yet?"

Bodie: "You don't believe her, then?"

Doyle: "Rich kid, filling her long day, collecting for charity. Time drags. I think maybe she's just trying to get attention."

Bodie: "With her looks, she doesn't need to try!"

Doyle: "What's Cowley involved for? And what are we doing here?!"

Bodie: "You heard what he said: 'Pick her up, stick with her, let me know if anyone bothers her' - that's all he said."

Doyle: "Yeah, Nannies Anonymous, that's us."

Bodie: "Well it could be worse. She could be fifteen stone with a moustache!"

Susan: "That day you bumped into my car - you did it on purpose. I'm an assignment! You've been assigned to take care of me!"

Bodie: "You're very worthwhile! Now just get in the car!"

Susan: "Now I remember where I've seen the good-looking one before... Mr Doyle. He was in the car with you that day!"

Bodie: "Look, do I have to prise you in?"

Susan: "You can't prise someone in. You can only prise something up or out or off..."

Bodie, pushing Susan into the Capri: "'Good-looking'?!"

Mrs Grant: "Now tell me, Mr Bodie, what do you do?"

Bodie, posing as Susan's boyfriend: "Well it's sort of security, really."

Mrs Grant: "How interesting - what is it you secure?"

Susan: "You for one thing."

Bodie: "Yes, I work for the government."

Mrs Grant, laughing: "I can't say any government has ever made me feel secure. When Susan's father died, he left a great deal of money. But what the government gave me after death duties, estate duties and Lord knows what other duties, there was hardly enough left to feed the cat!"

Susan: "Mother, you're shameless - you're rolling in it!"

Mrs Grant, naughtily: "Are you a gold-digger, Mr Bodie?"

Bodie, playing along: "Oh but of course, Mrs Grant!"

Mrs Grant laughs: "I like him, Susan!"

Cowley to would-be kidnapper Miller: "You say you were after the family silver? What were you going to do - chloroform it?"

Cowley: "Cyanide. Injected into the back of the neck."

Doyle: "Neat!"

Cowley: "Yes, neat cyanide!"

Loughlin: "All my political life I have fought against the invisible governments, the faceless wielders of power. And now you've set them on me!"

Mrs Grant: "I've done nothing of the kind. George Cowley was a friend of Anthony. When I sensed that Susan was in danger, I asked him to look into it."

Loughlin: "That man is Big Brother - a grey-suited spook answerable to God knows who!"

Mrs Grant: "He's protecting Susan and that was my first concern: it should have been yours."


After the title sequence Bodie is seen wearing a light green shirt in the Capri. After the collision with Susan, however, it has magically transformed into a brown-red colour! (Well spotted, Jesper Antvorskov!)

In the scene where the lads are arguing over the sandwich, Bodie's Capri is parked directly behind a Fiat Strada. However when Susan then emerges from her office, somehow her car has squeezed between the two! (Thanks to Holger Schmitz)

During the scene when Bodie is waiting for Susan to leave work towards the end of the episode, a man (bald with moustache) and woman (wearing a fur coat) are clearly seen emerging from the building but a minute or so later are seen walking down the stairs still inside the building when Bauer is on the phone. (Well spotted, Rob Mathews)

In the runway scene a bullet-hole appears in Bauer's windscreen before Doyle has actually taken a shot at him! (Thanks to Jesper Antvorskov)

Also if you watch the scene carefully you'll see that although the aircraft has supposedly exploded behind a building, it actually carries on out of shot! (Thanks to Kevin Bricknall)

Sidenotes Rona Anderson was Gordon Jackson's wife. After the 1960s she chose to take very few acting assignments in order to bring up the couple's sons. She and casting director Esta Charkham deliberately kept her appearance in this episode a secret in order to surprise Gordon! Sadly Rona passed away in 2013.
Deja Vu
Charity worker Susan Grant arrives home, Napier Court, Edenhurst Avenue, and is promptly intimidated by masked man.
Cowley hears of the case and calls in at Susan's local police station. Exterior shots of this used Wealdstone Police Station, 78 High Street, Wealdstone. However all interiors were apparently shot at the Territorial Army Volunteer centre at Elm Grove, Harrow - which was also used for the mortuary.
The following day Susan drives to the charity office, via Shenley Road, Borehamwood...
... unaware that the lads have been assigned to the case and follow her.
In this shot, they are still on Shenley Road, driving past the junction with Keystone Passage.
Susan's office is referred to as "Century House" in the story but is actually Globe House, Bentinck Road, Yiewsley.
Bodie fakes a car accident to inveigle Susan into having dinner with him at the Chinese Garden Restaurant, Wellstones, Watford.
Cowley visits Susan's mother at her home, Sarratt Mill House, New Road, Church End, Sarratt (eight miles west of Watford).
Susan goes shopping at what's documented as a Europa Store (never heard of them!) at 194 Kensington High Street, Kensington. It is now a TrailFinders shop.
Henry Loughlin, a colleague at Associated Charities, lives at Hurlingham Court, Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham.
This week CI5 HQ is documented as having been filmed at Cadby Hall, Hammersmith - demolished in 1983. The subsequent scenes of the morgue is also recorded as having been shot here. And Solicitor Mason's office looks uncannily similar to that of Dawson in the previous episode, 'Spy Probe'!
Susan meets with her brother, Neville, outside the post office at 74 High Street, Yiewsley. A tele-photo lens was used for this shot, so the large building in the background appears closer than it actually was.
Working for a foreign government, a man named Bauer assures his superiors that he has the Grant situation under control. Hearing of CI5's involvement, he sends his two sidekicks to kill Bodie. Bauer's house is documented as Hyver Hall, Barnet Road, Borehamwood, though we only see the interior.
Loughlin sends his solicitor, Mason, to hand over some mysterious tapes to Bauer in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith. The meeting is witnessed by Doyle, who gives chase. In the screenshot, the building in the right background is the one that appears in the Google Street View, albeit from a different angle.
Bauer escapes and suspects that Loughlin had set him up. He takes Susan hostage and forces Bodie to drive them both to an airfield. In the following sequence, exterior shots of Bodie's Capri were filmed along the A1 road near Mill Hill. However shots from inside the car were filmed - possibly on a different day - in the town of Cowley. We kick off with the roundabout joining the A1 and A41, Mill Hill.
Doyle goes in pursuit along what's documented as Southfield Road, Bedford Park, although this seems virtually impossible to verify!
Next Bodie drives along High Road, Cowley. It's difficult to show in the screenshot but the scene reveals two adjacent bungalows followed by a length of high wall, as seen in the Google Street View.
Doyle continues through the junction of The Avenue and Marlborough Crescent, Bedford Park - note the postbox.
... and then the junction of The Avenue and Blandford Road, Bedford Park.
Still on the trail, Doyle negotiates Whellock Road, Bedford Park. The 'J P Jones' shop seen on-screen has since been converted into a house with substantial architectural changes. However the "diamond" decorations around the front door are still present.
Bodie continues along High Road, Cowley...
... and then past the filling station a little further north along High Road, Cowley...
... and on to the junction with Worcester Road...
... and then we're back to an external shot and on the A1 / A41 roundabout, Mill Hill. The Shell filling station and houses in the background remain there to this day, albeit the latter are obscured somewhat by the hedgerow.
The location of the next shot isn't identifiable.
Bodie, Susan and Bauer arrive at Chalgrove Airfield. The road up to it isn't accessible on Google Street View but the little monument nearby is unmistakeable.
Meanwhile Doyle is catching up along what is documented as Warpsgrove Lane, Chalgrove. If correct, the buildings seen on-screen seem to have been demolished since 1981.

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