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Episode 'The Ojuka Situation'
Story Synopsis Hakim Ojuka was the leader of the African state of Betan until overthrown by political enemies. Seeking reinstatement with assistance from the British Government, he finds his adversaries are soon on his trail. CI5 take Ojuka into hiding but Cowley's usually watertight security is clearly leaking as the villains track him effortlessly. Writer Dave Humphries
Guest Stars Geoffrey Palmer, Charles Dance, Clarke Peters, Robert Swann Director Chris King
Production Order
& Filming Dates
Block 4, Episode 11
3rd to 18th November 1980Main shoot.
26th November 1981Chase and shoot-out with the villains' Mercedes, salesman parks his van and notices the bodies of the would-be assassins.
Original UK TransmissionSeason 5, Episode 9
23rd January 1983
Dave's Comment

Although the plot premise (the boys have to protect a controversial political figure) had been done and redone so many times in the series, we do get some great action and humour here. The camerawork and direction are also splendid.

Clarke Peters, playing Ojuka, excels here and seems to enjoy the whole experience!

When Doyle saves Bodie by shooting the attacker, a grateful Bodie says "Reckon I owe you". Doyle's enigmatic reply is "One down, eight to go!" does that mean D has saved B on eight previous occasions? Or is it just a reference to a cat having nine lives?

Great acidic dialogue between Cowley and Avery (Geoffrey Palmer) when they first meet - see the Dialogue section below.

Murphy makes a return but, as usual, it's barely worth his time and effort!

The "Mr Guppy" scene (the lads masquerade as Tropical Fish salesmen!) is a brief but hilarious moment!

A pre-fame appearance and excellent, gritty (if slightly tongue-in-cheek) performance by Charles Dance as hitman Parker. And his South African accent seems very good. His arrival soon results in some very violent action. Great scene where a battered Doyle gets his revenge: "Now how do you feel, BOETIE?!!?

(* "Boetie" is Afrikaans for "brother" - thanks to Trevor Moses)


Doyle: "Where's the Colonel?"

Madame Ojuka: "He is reading. He says if a man is not active, he should be gathering information. If neither of these, he should be sleeping."

Bodie, over the R/T, keeping watch outside: "All quiet - you?"

Doyle: "Yeah, the Colonel's in bed, 'gathering information'."

Bodie: "So should I be. I had Louise lined up for tonight, you know."

Doyle: "He's in bed reading, you... priapismic monster!"

Bodie: "Priapismic??"

Doyle: "Yeah - look it up. It suits ya!"

Ojuka, arriving at HQ: "So, the nerve centre of CI5! Maybe you should blindfold me?!"

Bodie: "Not necessary, Colonel - you've already seen it: George Cowley."

Cowley: "I am making a report on the Ojuka situation for the Foreign Office. You're aware of what that situation is, of course."

Avery smirks: "Oh, yes, our roving African warrior, looking for some support from us."

Cowley: "I understand the request for security for his visit yesterday came from this office."

Avery: "Yes, it did. Ojuka was kicking up a good deal of fuss about it, so the Minister decided to let him go - with instructions for a bodyguard, naturally."

Cowley: "And your office contacted Major Danby. Why didn't you contact me at CI5 ? You must be aware that such a case is more suited to my men than a retired military policeman?"

Avery: "I am aware of what took place yesterday, Cowley. A brave man died in the course of his duty and the Colonel was unharmed. To be quite frank with you, the notion of calling in CI5 for a school visit seemed akin to asking the SAS to rescue a cat out of a tree!"

Cowley: "An error of judgment on your part, then?"

Avery: "It's easy to be wise after the event, Cowley. What you should remember is that nobody had any idea that Ojuka merited the level of security that your department represents. As far as this office is concerned, he is very small game. And I won't be held responsible for any shortcomings on Major Danby's part."

Cowley: "Oh, yes, I can see that!"

Doyle, examining the crashed wreckage of Bodie's car: "I think you've lost your insurance credibility!"

Bodie: "Nah - I'm covered for third-party, fire and shoot-outs!"

Doyle: "We had a tankful when I was a kid. Guppies, angel-fish... until the cat got up one morning and went fishing!"

Bodie: "You should have got a couple of pirhanas to look after them!"

Doyle: "What, you mean like us?"

Bodie: "Yeah! Tell you what, though: Ojuka's no angel-fish - we've got a fully-grown barracuda in there, mate!"

Bloopers In the scene where Bodie contacts Cowley on the portable "scrambler" phone, the holdall bag seen behind Doyle changes position slightly. This was because filming of the scene ended up being split over two days.
Deja Vu

Clarke Peters is actually a dancer by profession. He later starred alongside Martin Shaw in the downright weird Facelift. Most recently seen in the American series The Wire.

Charles Dance was a complete unknown at the time this episode was made. However with the delayed transmission of the fifth season in the UK, James Bond fans would have already spied him in For Your Eyes Only. In 1984 he was cast in the acclaimed mini-series The Jewel in the Crown. A gamut of TV movies followed in the late 1980s and he even played Bond creator Ian Fleming in a biopic of the author. First Born (1989) was a chilling mini-series concerning experiments with genetic engineering. Dance's leading character creates a human/gorilla hybrid. In the 1990s he starred in movies such as Alien 3, Last Action Hero and Michael Collins. In the otherwise awful revival of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) he outshone all the rest of the cast put together. Recently recognised for his work on This is Your Life.

A very young Paul Medford played Ojuka's son Felix in the opening scenes. EastEnders fans may remember him from the early years of that show. Recently starred in the BBC's reasonable sci-fi mini-series Invasion: Earth.

The lads take Ojuka and his wife to a safehouse, 6 Cabell Street, though assassins are soon on their trail!
CI5 HQ this week is Cadby Hall, Hammersmith. It was almost completely demolished in 1983 but the single exterior location we see in the episode survives to this day, on Brook Green. The Google Street View shot here is essentially the "reverse angle" of what we see in the episode.
With the attempted attack on Ojuka, Cowley realises there must be security leak. He visits Home Office official John Avery at the ministry, though it was actually Islington Town Hall, Richmond Grove. (Actually this scene should have been re-shot as it appears to be mildly out of focus!) The subsequent scene of Cowley on the car radio was shot here, too.
The lads set off with Ojuka to take him to the conference, past The Stag pub on Hawthorn Lane, Burnham Beeches...
... But they are soon attracting some some unwanted attention by the junction of Hawthorn Lane and Lord Mayor's Drive, Burnham Beeches. The chase continues in the same area but none of the roads involved are accessible via Google Street View.
The lads and Ojuka scrape through another attack and take the assailants' car. They decide to hole up at the Burnham Beeches hotel in order to contact Cowley. The subsequent scene of hitman Parker being contracted to get Ojuka was also filmed here, apparently.
CI5 op Murphy visits a mortuary to investigate one of the attackers. This is documented as having been filmed at St Pancras Coroner's Court on Camley Street, though we only see the interior.
A tradesman who happened to drive past the scene of the latest attack is interviewed by Murphy at a police station. This is documented as actually having been the Territorial Army Centre on Horn Lane, West Acton - though it has since been demolished.
Cowley correctly guesses that the attackers have based themselves at a farm near to the conference centre. Bodie goes on surveillance at Leys Farm, Thompkins Lane, East Burnham, albeit rather difficult to identify from the road!
Cowley and Murphy set off for the hotel, via Regent's Park. Unfortunately Google Street View doesn't cover the exact spot for some reason - in the screenshot the car is passing the pedestrian crossing.
Parker's mob take Doyle, Ojuka and Madame Ojuka to the farm, via Lower Britwell Road, East Burnham.

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