Last updated : 29th January 2000

Having had much correspondance with several fans, I hope that I have covered most of the Professionals merchandise that has been made available. I would be very grateful to hear about any items not included here!

Big thanks to Garry Merrick and Tony Buller for many of the shots for this page!

  • In 1979 Lone Star Products issued a Professionals Automatic 100-Shot Repeater Pistol. It comes in a yellow box with a picture of Bodie and Doyle on the front and the gun on the back. Many thanks to "Kat" for info! I'm pretty sure the so-called "Shoulder Holster Set" from Lone Star was actually the same item. A variant on this idea also included a "rifle extension". Thanks to Jesper Antvorskov.
  • The top armoury item, however, is 1979's Thomas Salter Professionals Crimebuster Kit. This comprised of a plastic toy pistol with a removeable silencer and telescopic sight, plus a magazine clip, holster and shoulder support. Also included were a wristwatch and camera which actually worked! R/T and CI5 identification cards completed the line-up. Pretty impressive!
  • A cut-down version was issued as The Professionals Action Pack. Housed in a large orange-coloured box, it included the gun, indenticard , belt, shoulder holster, and a bonus item in the form of a set of rub-down transfers.
  • Rather late in the day (February 1980) Corgi issued catalogue number C342, a 1/36 scale silver Capri 'S' (scan to follow soon) with opening boot and bonnet (though not the doors for some reason) and hinged parcel shelf. Included were plastic figures of Bodie, Doyle and Cowley. Almost 120,000 were sold before the model was rather prematurely deleted in 1982. Mint, boxed ones can currently be had for anything from 50UKP upwards! Intriguingly there at least six (though probably no more) variations of C342, each with different combinations of paint finish, grille, wheel and bumper designs– see table below. Very many thanks to Tony Buller for wonderfully comprehensive info on all Corgi-related information.

    Varieties of Corgi Capri
    Silver paint finish Tinted windows Wheel design Grille & Bumpers colour
    Metallic No Standard Corgi design Black
    Flat Yes Standard Corgi design Chrome
    Flat No Sierra Ghia Chrome
    Metallic No "Dished" design Black
    Flat Yes Standard Corgi design Black
    Flat No Standard Corgi design Black but with gloss – as opposed to matt – rear spoiler

Four of the Corgi Capris plus a version of the 1/64-scale model. Note the differing grilles, bumpers and interiors. (Pic by kind permission of Garry Merrick)

  • Corgi followed these with a 1/64-scale silver Capri 'S' paired with a Rover SD1 police car in their Corgi Junior Twin Pack, number 2536 (though the cars were individually numbered 64B and 16C respectively). The SD1, later issued separately – perhaps as a "generic" police car, had an opening hatchback and rooflights. This double-pack, available only during 1980 and 1981, is now extremely rare!! Many thanks to Garry Merrick for the info and piccie – and please don't pester him, 'cos he ain't got one either!
  • Around the same time the Capri was issued on its own. Model number 64. Many thanks to Jason Thain for the scan! There was also a version that was issued on a blue-coloured card. There were at least five design variations, as tabled below. All versions had an opening bonnet. Surprisingly it outlived its big brother, being in production until 1984.
    Packaging card colour Silver paint finish Tinted windows Wheel design Interior colour
    Green Metallic Yes (blue) 10-spoke "Chrome"
    Green Metallic Yes (blue) 5-spoke "Chrome"
    Green Metallic Yes (blue) 10-spoke Yellow
    Blue Flat Yes (blue) 10-spoke Yellow
    Blue Flat No, clear 5-spoke Red

  • Tony also says that the Woolworths chain issued an exclusive twin-set comprising a large and small Capri, though the packaging never bore any sign of a Professionals connection. Issued briefly in 1982, I wonder if this was the result of some deal Corgi struck with Woolies to offload their remaining stocks of C342. (Thanks to Garry Merrick for the pic)
  • Intriguingly a 1979 Corgi catalogue depicts a very different-looking model, this time based on the white Mark Two Capri used in some of the first-season eps. We are fairly sure this was never actually issued but if you know different, please get in touch!! Once again, big thanks to Garry Merrick!
  • A reissue of the 1/36 scale model came in January 1999, as pictured here. The car now has some additional fine-detailing (eg the UOO 303T number plate) and the figurines are now of a superior quality, though there is no Cowley. (Images used by kind permission of Corgi Classics)
  • Corgi issued the car again shortly afterwards but without any figurines at all. Meanwhile series fan Tony Buller issued a limited edition gold version of the same model - this model now fething extremely high values.
  • In 1982 Ideal Toys issued a Professionals variation on the popular Scalextric electric slot racing game. Featuring a 'villain' Transit van (more in line with The Sweeney, surely?), you too could discover how easily those Capris' dodgy rear axles could spin you round! An absolute must for all us little boys!
  • On to more sober pastimes and from 1979 came Stafford Pemberton's series of four jigsaw puzzles – each measuring 17x12 inches and comprising 250 pieces. Although three are listed in Dave's book (each showing oft-seen publicity shots of Doyle, Bodie and the group respectively) there is also a fourth one, depicting Doyle and Bodie together. Thanks to Dave Almond for info!
  • Staff Pem also issued a couple of Professionals colouring books and a 22x14-inch double-sided poster art kit. Presumably aimed at kiddiwinkies who were allowed to stay up after 9 o'clock at night!
  • Issued around 1981 was a set of six trading cards from a company called Professionabelia (probably a temporary subsidiary set up by LWT). The cards came in sizes of 8"x6" and a massive 20"x16". The larger ones were also available heat-sealed and framed... and cost seventeen quid each!!!
  • Surprisingly little seems to have been issued in terms of clothing (grey leather jacket, anyone?!). In late 1979 a company called Brockum International issued a T-Shirt bearing two shots each of Bodie and Doyle plus the green CI5/The Professionals/"tri-negative" logo. In 1993, to mark the release of their videos, Video Gems designed a T-shirt. This bore a black&white image of the three lead actors in a shot familiar from 'The Purging of CI5'. Video Gems had intended to market a large run of these shirts (indeed to give them away as part of the regular video sets) but the idea never came to fruition for some reason. In the end I believe only a few (less than fifty?) were produced as "promotional" items. (Thanks to Jesper Antvorskov for reminding me about this!)
  • In 1997, on the wave of fresh interest in the show, small company Fastroute issued two designs of T-Shirt, depicting the original "typewriter" logo and the later one respectively. Only about fifty of each design were made.
  • A couple of other T-Shirts were available from the Distribution Network Company, though were withdrawn in September 1999, seemingly due to poor sales (though non-existent advertising and lacklustre designs didn't help, either!). The first was plain white with the familiar green CI5/The Professionals/Silhouette logo. The second depicts a shot of Bodie from 'Killer with a Long Arm'. To be honest it's a bit cheesey and DNC hadn't bothered to use the correct shade of green or fonts. The shirts were supposed to be available in the shops but DNC couldn't find anybody willing to stock them – and I'm not surprised!! (Thanks to Andrew Pollard for info.)
  • Back to 1997 and from Fastroute came a glossy, high-quality, A0-sized poster depicting the CI5/The Professionals/Silhouette logo. Again issued in very limited numbers (less than 20, it seems!)