Last updated : 10th October 1999

Sadly the London Postcard Company is no longer in business - this webpage is retained purely for historical reference.

In the late 1990s The London Postcard Company marketed a large range of 6"x4" cards for The Professionals and CI5 - The New Professionals.

Many thanks indeed to Richard Clarke at LPC!

Free bookmark included with all orders!!

Set One

Code: GA2254

Code: GA2255

Code: GA2252

Code: GA2259

Code: GA2251

Code: GA2256

Code: GA2257

Code: GA2253

Code: GA2258

Set Two

Code: GA2260

Code: GA2261

Code: GA2262

Code: GA2264

Code: GA2263

Code: GA2265

Code: GA2266

Code: GA2267

Code: GA2268

New Professionals, Set One

Code: DWT4509

Code: DWT4506

Code: DWT4504

Code: DWT4507

Code: DWT4501

Code: DWT4502

Code: DWT4505

Code: DWT4503

Code: DWT4508