Last updated : 20th April 2013

Deducing the locations for the second title sequence proved to be a tough assignment as the official documentation for it is vague, inaccurate and incomplete! Bob Rocca has done all the hard work here (though I found some of 'em, too!), so huge thanks to him for his painstaking research!

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When filming commenced on the show's second season in 1978, it was decided to give it a more polished look and feel. Part of this move resulted in the production of a new, more dynamic opening title sequence, consisting of a 45-second montage of fast-cutting clips of the three lead actors, as shown below.

Filming for the new sequence took in Greater London locations around the Barbican Centre, Whitehall, Trinity Square, Southall and (possibly) Wembley.

The series' documentation suggests that it was all shot on a single day (following completion of the episode 'Not a Very Civil Civil Servant'). However this is clearly incorrect: indeed Bob tells me that during interviews for his book, various crew members recalled being asked to film individual shots for the sequence as part of the production of particular episodes. Furthermore the shot of Cowley in the computer centre uses the same location as that from the 'Fall Girl' episode - indeed Gordon wears exactly the same costume (jacket, shirt, tie) in both. The scenes for the episode were filmed on 24th October 1978, yet transmission of the second season had already commenced (on 7th October). This would suggest that at least some of them must have been originally screened with the original "assault course" titles. Either that or Gordon wearing the same costume for the episode was a huge coincidence. As there is no readily available documentation to clarify the situation, I would be hugely grateful to any fans who may recall or, even better, have off-air video recordings of the 1978 broadcasts.

As discussed elsewhere, the new sequence was later grafted on to most copies of all previous episodes for subsequent TV transmissions and, years later, video/DVD release. However I believe Mark 1's own copies of the first season episodes, currently stored at Pinewood Studios, are retained in their original form.

The plate glass window stunt was shot at Wembley Stadium, with the London City buildings achieved by the projection of a photograph. In the foreground we see the Royal Exchange, as viewed from Cornhill. The arched window is immediately recognisable. As scaffoding was obscuring the view on the day the Google Street View shot was taken, I've used my own photo here, which I've "flipped" to tally with the reflection. As ever with the passing of time, new buildings have since been erected
Cowley stands by the, as yet unseen, Ford Granada in Moor Lane, near the Barbican Centre. In the Google Street View here the water-stained roofline of the 'orrible Barbican Centre is instantly recognisable!
... Just around the corner, Doyle is pelting down Fore Street. Essentially unrecognisable now, the building in the background, Moor House, was demolished and replaced some time ago. In the screengrab the door behind the traffic bollard was the entrance to a British Telecom exchange but this has also gone since the Google Street View shot was taken.
Bodie is seen running by the entrance to the old Britannic House building on nearby Ropemaker Street. Once again the building has since undergone redevelopment (and renamed as CityPoint) that renders it unrecognisable from its 1978 form.
Another brief shot of Doyle, though again it's in front of Moor House, Fore Street.
Bodie's clearly not enjoying all this dashing about! This seems to have been shot on the aforementioned Moor Lane, with Lewis running down the ramp.
Cowley, still on Moor Lane, gets into the Granada. The Google Street View angle here shows the strange "hieroglyphics" of the building that is reflected in the car door's window. (NB: If you need to use the hyperlink, please be aware that, due to a bug with Google Maps, the camera points at the ground!!
Cut to Cowley slamming down his carphone but this was shot in a different location, the junction of Whitehall and Whitehall Place.
We can only guess at where this "silhouettes" shot was done: it may have been the Port of London Authority building in Trinity Sqaure, a location that was used for subsequent shots in the title sequence.
Cowley emerges from the archway at Horse Guards Parade.

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And then on to CI5's computer room. This was actually filmed at Honeywell's facility in Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, though it no longer exists.
Doyle wielding the axe may have been shot at the production unit's base in Wembley.
Doyle scrambles around the rooftops of the Gas Works on White Street, Southall (not accessible via Google Street View).
Bodie is strutting down Trinity Square. The strange shadow obscuring the view is the lampstand on the steps of the aforementioned Port of London Authority building.
Despite Cowley clearly needing his top two agents urgently, Bodie has time for a session in the gym!?! This may have been shot at the Wembley studio or the nearby Vale Farm Sports Centre.
Rotherhithe Tunnel was used for the next shot.
And finally all three meet up in Trinity Square.