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Last updated : 6th August 1998

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Instead of having to trawl through each page looking for changes since your last visit, we thought it would be useful to keep a log of changes made, so you can go straight to the amended text.

6th August 1998I made a slight mistake over volumes one and two from Contender Video – they are, in fact, due for release next Monday! Thanks to Richard Bridgwood for the correction!
25th May 1998New page added: Star Cars. I suspect I haven’t got all the technical details completely correct, so I would be glad of some help from any experts out there!
8th February 1998Biographies and filmographies updated for Patrick, Joanna and Gareth.
1st April 1997Images from the show (mainly publicity shots) added to the site at last!
26th January 1997Biog and filmography added for Pat.
31st December 1996New layouts for pages.
23rd December 1996Extra biographical info added for Gareth.
23rd December 1996Contrary to my previous assumption, Lumiere did NOT release any New Avengers vids in France. Apologies for this. Thanks to David of Looker magazine for this correction.
21st December 1996Biogs and filmographies added for Joanna and Gareth.

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