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Episode 'Fugitive'
Story Synopsis When a CIA agent is murdered in London, CI5 attempt to set up a fake arms deal with the terrorists responsible. But the group uncover the ploy and events turn nasty for Bodie. Writer Gerry O'Hara, from a story by Anthony Read
Guest StarsMichael Byrne, Brigitte Kahn DirectorDennis Lewiston
Production Order
& Filming Dates
Block 3, Episode 8
28th August to 10th September 1979Main shoot, although many scenes not completed on schedule...
17th September 1979Christina leaves the library. (Shot in parallel to filming on 'The Acorn Syndrome'.)
18th September 1979All scenes of Christina arriving at, inside and leaving her flat. Werner witnesses the shootout between the lads, Bodie attempts to escape from Werner's van, various re-takes (for unspecified reasons) on the final showdown and Doyle pursues Bodie at the airfield.
19th September 1979Heinrich calls the library to speak with Christina, the lads arrive at Slater's salon, pick-up shots of Slater meeting Karen at the pub to discuss the arms deal, the lads arrive at the pub to tackle Slater, a CI5 car arrives at the pub to take Slater, pick-up shots of Bodie meeting with Karen at the pub, they escape in the Volvo and Heinrich secures explosives around Bodie's neck.
Original UK Transmission Season 4, Episode 3
21st September 1980
Dave's Comment

Average stuff - but better than most from the fourth season.

Great opening scene and plenty of action most of the way through.

The interrogation scenes are well-scripted and the entire plot works very well, though it's never explained how the lads knew which arms dealer Werner would go to.

The lads giving Slater a thumping was a bit gratuitous and didn't add anything to the story. I can see Mr Shaw being most unhappy with that part of the script!

The episode then becomes rather pedestrian and doesn't really pick up until the final showdown at the airfield. Lack of humour in the story doesn't help. However a quick mention for the rather wonderful reggae-like theme (which was NOT by Laurie, I should add - see the Sidenotes section) in the scene where Christina retrieves the guns from her flat - sometimes I just can't get that little tune out of my head!

An interesting side to the story is that CI5 (and us) never do learn whether Christina was serious about giving up her terrorist life. Despite protesting her desire to start of new life, she seems very pleased to be handed over to Werner... then again it was either that or be handed over to the German authorities. The final shot being freeze-framed makes it all the more effective.

Sharon's Comment

First: the plot doesn't quite work. What I found a bit uncomfortable was the dismissal of the terrorists' original plan and the entire focus toward the end on rescuing Bodie. Not that I had any objections about that. It's just a sense that the script lost direction along the way. Not really a problem since there are other far more compelling reasons to enjoy watching this episode again and again.

The patter between The Lads is great. Lots of terrific throwaway lines.

Doyle (MS) has his "look" together, Big Time. He is utterly gorgeous throughout. I believe this is the first episode in which he has longer softer permed hair and wears a sports coat, open shirt and sunglasses. That magenta shirt draws the eye to him instantly no matter what else is going on.

And let us not overlook Bodie in black leather jacket and tight jeans! Very pleasant viewing.

This is, in addition to everything else, a Save My Partner episode. (compare with 'The Ojuka Situation' later on) First Bodie shoots one of the baddies when Doyle is exposed on the stairs in the library. And of course the finest moment comes at the finale when Bodie tries to run away and die to keep from harming Doyle. More on that later.

The entire bit at the hairdresser-gun dealer is great fun. "Fancy a quick blow-dry?" "Oh, very droll." The one-upsmanship between Bodie and Slater is classic military guy talk. "My old outfit is tougher than your old outfit..." Again here are some of the best "small" lines in Pros. It's done with an off-handedness that makes it very, very real. Good work by all involved.

This is an episode with something for almost everyone. I'll mention a few of my favorite details. Doyle up against the wall, watching, during the interrogation. Then the closeups. He's very sensual and seductive in voice and body language. Also watch the lighting and camera angles used on Doyle throughout. Sensitive and artistic work. Bodie, beaten up and defiantly sullen, is terrific. This is a man who would delight in dying if it meant taking out a bunch of nasty villains. He's the quintessential soldier here. And Doyle is a cop. Their past roles have never been clearer.

But the finest moment comes during the "save Bodie" scene when Doyle, suddenly realizing what his partner is up to, runs off from the gun fight to chase down Bodie, rip the bomb from his neck and throw it away with a mere fraction of a second to spare. Play all of this in slo-mo. It's wonderful.

I love this episode and rewatch it regularly. The American woman terrorist annoys me, but she's the only one.


Bodie, taking a shine to "librarian" Christina: "She can stamp my book any time!"

Doyle: "If you could read!"

Cowley: "There's an old friend of yours working alongside her: six-seven."

Bodie: "Oh, Julie! I was wondering what happened to her."

Doyle: "Yeah, best place to hide her from you: a library!"

CI5 Op Julie, posing as a librarian, smiling sweetly: "You want the Children's section, sir!"

Doyle: "Oh, thank you!!"

Doyle, noticing Christina making a call: "She's on the public payphone - is it bugged?"

Cowley: "It's the only one that isn't. It's illegal - you know that."

Doyle: "Fine time for ethics!"

Bodie, checking out the surveillance photos of Karen: "She looks as mean as my bank manager. He's a Scot, you know?!"

Cowley, removing some confectionary from his pocket: "Och now Bodie, I'd never have thought you'd have supported that popular misconception of the Scots. You couldn't find a more generous race."

Bodie, eyeing the sweets: "Really? So it's not true then, sir?"

Cowley, not offering any: "Not a word of it."

Bodie, as Cowley walks away: "Yeah. Remember that. Come Christmas!"

Bodie, as he and Doyle enter a ladies' hairdressing salon: "Fancy a quick blow-dry?!"

Doyle, sarcastically: "Oh, very droll!"

Receptionist, bemused that two men should be customers but prepared to accommodate them anyway: "Good afternoon! Bobby's free."

Doyle, noticing the rather camp stylist: "Yeah, I'm sure he is!"

Bodie, taking a guess at arms dealer Slater's background: "Navy?"

Slater, offering the lads a drink: "Royal Marines. You army?"

Bodie: "Paras. So you're into the private army game, are you?"

Slater, sensing threat: "I thought we were going to be sociable?!"

Doyle: "For us, this is sociable!"

Cowley, somewhat over a barrel: "Supposing - just supposing - we were prepared to consider a trade?"

Christina, sharp as ever: "A trade? That's a nonsense. You mean an exchange of prisoners and a free passage. But a free passage to where?"

Cowley, truthfully: "The terms of such a trade have yet to be defined. I'm merely asking what would be your attitude to being handed over to Dreisinger?"

Christina: "When you know that you will never be safe - not even in jail... anything is tempting."

Cowley receives demands from Dreisinger: "A nice sense of the macabre - they send a wreath with their demands. They not only want Christina but a plane tanked up for 2000 miles and piloted."

Doyle: "I bet we know where that's going. What about Bodie?"

Cowley: "He'll be released when they get there."

Doyle: "Well they'll have got the girl: they could just throw Bodie into the Bay of Biscay! What guarantees have we got?"

Cowley: "Only their word."

Doyle: "And if we don't play ball?"

Cowley, solemnly: "Then we use the wreath."

Cowley, realising Dreisinger's gang has planned the escape well, with Bodie as hostage: "They hold all the cards."

Doyle: "And aces!"


There is an audio dubbing error in the scene where Christina returns to her flat to retrieve the guns. The pretty black girl outside hitches up with a couple of guys and says "You waiting for me?" - yet her mouth doesn't move. (Thanks to Alice Hunter)

On the second day of the debriefing, Cowley intones "Interrogation of Christina Hertzog resumed at nineteen a.m.". The script actually says "11:19 am". (Thanks to Mike Morgan.)

While waiting for the kidnapped Bodie to emerge from the villains' van, keep an eye on Doyle's shades. (Thanks to Chris Swindells)

The villains strap a bag of explosives to Bodie's chest but it disappears briefly as the villains approach the airstrip in the van. (Thanks to Susan Parsley).

In one of the final shots we see Doyle wearing Kickers as he chases Bodie across the airfield to rip away the explosives. But on returning to the runway, he's wearing Cowboy boots. The pursuit part of the scene was a late addition to the original script and shot two weeks later, which probably explains the mistake.


Christina's story may have been inspired by that of Baader-Meinhof member Astrid Proll. She had escaped West Germany and, apparently determined to start a new life, had adopted a false identity to take up a job in a small garage in Camden Town, London. When arrested in September 1978, she claimed she was no longer connected with the group nor its successor, the Red Army Faction.

The jaunty, feelgood reggae music (which I absolutely adore!) playing outside Christina's flat when she retrieves the guns is not a Laurie Johnson track - it's Alan Parker's "Hip Shaker" and can be found on the De Wolfe LP "Hot Nights". (It's a mono recording but a stereo version can be heard on the De Wolfe website.

Deja Vu

Michael Byrne (Werner Dreisinger) was rather typecast playing German officers in several well-known wartime films such as The Eagle Has Landed, A Bridge Too Far, Force 10 From Navarone, The Plot to Kill Hitler and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Managed to break away from this in a couple of Strangers episodes as a corrupt police sergeant and then on to the classic espionage mini-series Smiley's People (in which he was a German spy instead!). Most recently seen in ITV's adaptation of Horatio Hornblower.

Brigitte Kahn (Christina) played Dagmar in the classic 1980s comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (of which a third "reunion" series is about to be transmitted). Surprisingly has done very little other TV/film work apart from occasional bit parts.

Paul Antrim (Slater) played Sergeant Maguire during the final season of Special Branch. Later starred in the first season of the BBC series "Gangsters". Sadly passed away in 1990.

On the trail of Werner Dreisinger's terrorist cell, CIA agent Ephraim Silverstein has some unwelcome visitors as he stays at what is documented as the Eurocrest Hotel on Empire Way, Wembley. If correct, it is now called the "Quality Hotel" and has undergone a facelift!
Cowley briefs the lads on the Dreisinger mob and spots one of its ex-members, Christina, outside the library of Polytechnic of North London, Highbury Grove, Highbury.
Fellow comrade Karen visits the library and unsuccessfully tries to encourage Christina to rejoin the group. On leaving it, there is a location cheat as Karen jumps on to a bus on Wembley Park Drive, Wembley - note that there is still a Wimpy restaurant!
The remainder of Dreisinger's gang are holed up at 35 Loraine Road, Holloway.
Karen continues on the bus, unaware that Bodie has boarded it, too. The location for this scene is the junction of Empire Way and Wembley Park Drive, Wembley.
Karen alights the bus (only a few hundred yards from where she got on it!) by Wembley Park Tube Station. Bodie follows suit and nearly gets totalled by a Morris Marina!
Meanwhile Christina also leaves the library, with Doyle tailing her. She collects her car in Leigh Road, Highbury. The stone decoration under the house's windowsill is the tell-tale here.
Doyle follows her but there is a cheat here because he is actually on Loraine Road, Holloway.
Meanwhile Cowley picks up Bodie by Wembley Park Tube station on Bridge Road.
Christina drives to her flat, documented as 61 Arthur Road, Holloway - it's a bit tricky to positively identify, though!
Doyle pulls up outside Christina's flat but there is another cheat here because he's actually still on Loraine Road, Holloway!!
Doyle reports back to Cowley, who has returned to CI5 HQ. For this episode, Cadby Hall, Hammersmith was used (though since demolished, sadly).
Having placed a cache of weapons into a holdall, Christina leaves her flat. Doyle follows her down Wharfedale Road, Islington...
... and then along Hornsey Road, Holloway...
... and finally on to Camley Street, Kings Cross, whereupon Doyle captures her.
Cowley suspects Dreisinger's gang have an operation planned and will need arms for it. The lads go to check out a likely dealer, Slater, who manages a hairdresser's shop as a cover. Filmed at 4 Court Parade, East Lane, Wembley, it was called Hair By Robert at the time, so the line "Bobby's free!" may have been an in-joke.
Doyle talks with Christina - trying to discover whether she genuinely intended to break free from Dreisinger's gang - in what would appear to be an exercise yard for CI5's prisoners. This was filmed at West London College, 50 Brook Green, Hammersmith. In the screenshot a church spire can be seen in the background, as shown on the Google aeriel view.
Slater meets Karen to set up an arms deal in the Green Man pub, Dagmar Avenue, Wembley. At this stage, however, we only see the interior. (The pub has since closed down.)
With CI5 keeping tabs on Slater, the lads rush to the pub via Holloway Road, Holloway...
... and then Hornsey Road, Holloway...
... and then arrive at the pub.
Bodie poses as one of Slater's colleagues in order to complete the deal with Karen. After a staged firefight with Doyle, they escape down Dagmar Avenue, Wembley.
Dreisinger realises his gang is under surveillance and decides to leave the country, taking Bodie as "protection". Leaving the house, they sneak around Mayton Street, Holloway, and then steal a van.
Bodie attempts to escape by kicking open the van doors. The interior shots for this were filmed on the aforementioned Mayton Street but the exterior shot was on Caledonian Road, Holloway. The vast amount of greenery that has since grown up on the street makes is almost impossible to verify as the correct location, however the building on the left of the screenshot is just about discernable on Google Street View.
Dreisinger, correctly guessing that the authorities have now found out where his gang was holed up, decides to offer them a deal by telephoning the house from what is documented as First Way, Wembley, although the area has since been redeveloped beyond recognition.
Dreisinger & co decide to leave the coutry via small aircraft, which they demand CI5 lays on. The airfield is documented as Fairoaks Airport, Chertsey Road, Chobham.

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