Last updated : 24th December 1997

Many thanks indeed to the following people and organisations for their help and information. The names are not listed in any particular order, so no inference of "importance" should be drawn from it. Everybody in this list has made very valuable contributions.

Dave Rogers

Dave is almost single-handedly responsible for the Avengers revival in Britain. Meanwhile his 1986 publication on The Professionals is becoming increasingly difficult to track down! Refer to the Printed Matter page. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all the assistance and advice he has provided.

Janice Adlington

Many thanks to Jan for much advice, information, corrections, encouragement and enthusiasm for this project! She helped "focus" some of Dave's opinions on the show, too! :-) Jan informs us that only the first two seasons were ever screened in Canada and have never been repeated!

Paul Cornell, Martin Day, Keith Topping

These lads turned up trumps with their superb book 'Classic British TV ' (Guinness 1993, ISBN 0 85112 543 3 this should be in the Books page, really!) which covers hundreds of Brit TV shows from the last forty-odd years in great detail. A revised edition was released in September 1996 (ISBN 0-85112-628-6) covering further shows. BUY THIS BOOK! The genres covered by both editions are soaps, sitcoms, comedy, children's programmes (hooray for The Clangers!!), drama (including, of course, The Professionals from which was gleaned a lot of useful info for these pages thanks guys!) and telefantasy. Dave reckons this is the best book he's ever bought! Many thanks go to Keith for his help, advice and info.

Adrian Petford

Kaleidoscope is a magazine dedicated to vintage British television. Not much on The Professionals but they did produce a video entitled 'An Afternoon with Brian Clemens' (interview by Dave Rogers). Brian discusses all the main shows he has worked on and, indeed, this provided me with some extra info for these pages. Adrian is the main on-line contact.

Video Gems

VG (now sadly expired) deserves much praise for their valiant efforts in getting the show out onto video at last! Shame they hardly bothered to advertise them! Refer to the Video page.

TV Zone magazine

Contrary to commonly-held belief, TVZ does occasionally contain articles other than those related to Dr Who and Star Trek. On two (yes, TWO!!) occasions they have managed to review Professionals vids and also featured a rather good ad campaign for Video Gems. That wasn't enough to stop Dave cancelling his subscription, though! For a publication that claims to be 'The magazine of cult television', how can it ignore programmes such as The Sweeney, Monty Python and the dozens of 'cult' comedy shows (eg Fawlty Towers)?! Let's hope somebody at TV Zone reads this!

Kelvin & Pamela Lerch

Many thanks to Pamela for her and Kelvin's thoughts and help with the Equalizer section of the thesis.

Penny Stempel & Jon E Lewis

.... wrote the book 'Cult TV ' and it is perhaps worth a look. It seems aimed at both sides of the Atlantic, but this just means that people in the UK will probably never have heard of half the US programmes listed and vice versa. Despite being well written with lots of relevant detail, it is littered with minor, but irritating errors (for example did you know The Young Ones started in 1992 and its main characters were Rick, Vyvyan, Neil and CHRIS?! Also there were thirteen episodes of Fawlty Towers, apparently! The BBC must have wiped one of them, then?! ). There is a small section on The Professionals which, mercifully, is accurate and there were a couple of snippets of useful info here, so it has to be included in these credits, really. Unforgiveably, however, there is no reference at all for Monty Python (though it gets a very brief mention in the Fawlty Towers section) a cult hit on both sides of the Atlantic, of course!

Andrew Sumner

Thanks to Andrew for further invaluable information on the Patrick Mower series Target and for solving the Ina Scriver/Christina World mystery (see the synopsis for the Servant of Two Masters episode)! Andrew also told us that by August 1996, Professionals videos were getting very hard to find even in London.

Karen Kaufmann, Sandy Hereld and Dorinda Hartmann

All three of these ladies have come up with stacks of info for the Other Sightings pages! And during many wonderful e-mail conversations, Karen has also provided some extra food for thought with regard to the format and direction of the show. This has now been added to the Thesis page.

James Pimentel-Pinto

Mega-thanks to young James for help with layout, graphics and logos for the site plus the invaluable guide to musical items and info on the cars used in the series!

Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, Gordon Jackson and the crew of Avengers Mark 1 Productions

Despite all the fracas, well done to all concerned for managing to work together in a very professional manner (pun intended). We couldn't have created these pages without them, you know! (Sounds like the Oscars doesn't it?!)