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Last updated : 27th October 2010

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After the controversial demise of the original Avengers, the cool, suave British secret agent John Steed returned to television screens seven years later. Patrick Macnee was now ably assisted by Purdey, played by the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley, while Gareth Hunt as Mike Gambit provided muscular backup, an eagerness to follow in Steed's footsteps and a third side to the witty repartee. Although a "victim" of the fashions of the day, beset by financial problems and ultimately destroyed by French backers, the new trio gamely brought us 26 episodes of glamorous, glittering, tongue-in-cheek, fast-paced, cult British action-adventure!

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The New AvengersThe return of Steed, a new girl and some competition! A detailed look at the show. (Size : 49Kb) [Last Updated : 9th December 1996]

Episode GuideFor both seasons, including story synopses, approximate UK transmission dates, main support actors and our own ratings for each story. (Size : 29Kb) [Last Updated : 9th December 1996]

AmendmentsA log of changes and corrections applied to these pages, to help you regular visitors! (Size : 2Kb) [Last Updated : 6th August 1998]

Postcards Avengers-related postcards and posters from the London Postcard Company. (Size: 10Kb) [Last Updated : 8th November 1999]

Latest News For all the latest news on The Avengers/New Avengers, Pat Macnee, Jo Lumley and Gareth Hunt check this page! (Size: 10Kb) [Last Updated : 27th October 2010]

Avenging ImagesMany thanks to Brian Clemens who has kindly granted permission to use images from the show! [Last Updated: 10th September 1997]

Star CarsA quick rundown on the main cars used in the series – plus piccies! [Last Updated: 25th May 1998]

Videos and DVD Video releases from Contender Video [Last Updated : 16th May 1999]...
... A&E Video and DVD [Last Updated: 2nd August 1999]...
... and those from other companies. [Last Updated : 8th December 1996]

Contact ListWant to talk to Avengers fans around the world? (Size : 2Kb) [Last Updated : 30th May 2002]

In PrintInfo on paperbacks and annuals related to the series, plus a good source from which to purchase them. (Size : 11Kb) [Last Updated : 23rd May 1998]

CreditsMany thanks to these folks! There's some useful info here, too. (Size : 4Kb) [Last Updated : 25th March 1998]

Other sightingsTV and film appearances plus biogs for Patrick (Size: 20Kb) [Last Updated : 6th April 1999], Joanna (Size: 18Kb) [Last Updated : 6th April 1999], Gareth (Size: 11Kb) [Last Updated : 6th April 1999].

Other SourcesA few other WWW pages for The Avengers and New Avengers. (Size : 5Kb) [Last Updated : 20th February 1999]

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