Last updated : 1st August 2016

Instead of having to trawl through each page looking for changes since your last visit, I thought it would be useful to keep a log of significant changes made, so you can go straight to the amended text. Changes are listed in reverse-chronological order.

1st August 2016

Various updates to the Episode Guide for fourth- and fifth-season episodes in the light of newly-discovered documentation.

15th November 2015

Various updates to the Episode Guide for third-season episodes in the light of newly-discovered documentation.

9th November 2014

Various updates to the Episode Guide for first- and second-season episodes in the light of newly-discovered documentation.

5th October 2014

Updates to the Original Title Sequence page, replacing the grubby old screenshots with superior ones and some amendments to the sequence's historical narration. Also, the "Mugshots" now comprise just a single page.

11th September 2014

Google has now addressed the previously-mentioned problems with some of its Street Views.

17th August 2014

As a follow-up to last week, it seems that there are a ton of problems with Google's new version of Street View - and a matching volume of complaints! So I've tweaked all hyperlinks (again!) so that they pick up the old version. There is still a problem with viewing some streets in the Kensington/Kensal/Maida Vale area, though.

15th August 2014

I've begun to notice over the last few weeks that an increasing number of locations illustrated in the Episode Guide had gone a bit adrift! I suspect this is due to Google refreshing their mapping. So I've adjusted them all now - though I expect it will be a job that needs "maintenance" from time to time! Also you might find that the pages load a little bit quicker now as Google has made linking to their maps more efficient. However I have noticed that a number of streets in the Kensington, Kensal Town and Maida Vale areas have been mysteriously dropped from Google Street View - I have reported these issues.

16th April 2014

I've substantially rewritten the restoration page to make some aspects of the process clearer and also include further information on the audio aspects of the exercise.

6th April 2014

A new page added to look in detail at the restoration process used to create the new High Definition versions of the episodes.

30th March 2014

Not only did the show's film negatives finally turn up as part of Network and the BBC's work to produce the new High Definition prints, further official documentation was rediscovered, too. It shows that earlier investigation of the first season's Production Order didn't quite hit the mark - this is now corrected!

19th March 2014

A new page created to cover Network's fabulous new BluRay, DVD and iTunes releases.

7th January 2014

Following Lewis Collins' passing, I've added (director) Ian Sharp's and Martin Shaw's reactions at the time to the Testimonials page.

24th November 2013 Complete locations for each episode of the fifth season now uploaded. As before, thanks to Bob Rocca for permission to use these as the information comes from his book on the series. Actually, between us, we managed to find a few more this time!

13th October 2013

Complete locations for each episode of the fourth season now uploaded. As before, thanks to Bob Rocca for permission to use these as the information comes from his book on the series. Locations for the final season to follow soon!

4th August 2013

Complete locations for each episode of the third season now uploaded, once again thanks to Bob Rocca for permission to use these as the information comes from his book on the series. Locations for the subsequent seasons to follow soon!

19th May 2013

Complete locations for each episode of the second season now uploaded, once again thanks to Bob Rocca for permission to use these as the information comes from his book on the series. Locations for the subsequent seasons to follow soon!

21st April 2013

In-depth coverage of the second title sequence, including the discovery that it may not have been used for the original transmission of the second season after all!

13th April 2013

You may have noticed some cosmetic changes to the website from today, most notably each page now having a "footer" containing links to all other pages. This replaces the old "HTML FRAME" approach which was never terribly good!

Every page has undergone a major technical revamp so that while the actual content remains the same (albeit with some graphical changes), the filesize of many of the pages is now considerably smaller and thus should load a tad faster...

(For fellow "techies", I've essentially replaced almost all HTML styling attributes with CSS now that even Microsoft browsers seem to use it properly!).

I've tested the site under Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 7 and 8 and the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For the Episode Guide, IE6 is simply too old to properly support the Google Maps functionality, so I have disabled it for that browser, although you can still use the hyperlinks to display the maps in a separate window.

If you experience any display problems with the changes, do let me know!

Recent research has uncovered an intriguing twist on why the final season (as televised) of the show had its UK transmission delayed - see Modus Operandi.

27th March 2013

Complete locations for each episode of the first season now uploaded. Huge thanks to Bob Rocca for permission to use these as the information comes from his excellent 2009 book on the series. Locations for the subsequent seasons to follow soon!

27th April 2010

Some interesting revelations about the 'Blood Sports' episode.

26th April 2006

A quick one for Gordon fans. In 1988 he played co-lead in a sitcom pilot called According to Daisy that, due to his illness, never went to a full series. More info in his biog.

9th April 2006

First up today we have a new page for the site looking at the Harefield Grove studios used extensively for the first series.

Secondly various new locations and other tidbits for 'Stopover', 'The Acorn Syndrome', 'Need to Know', 'Lawson's Last Stand' and 'Discovered in a Graveyard'.

21st May 2005

Newly-unearthed documentation shows that production of the first season commenced a week earlier than originally thought. As such I have amended the production dates for all these episodes. (Many thanks to Bob Rocca).

New blooper added to 'Foxhole on the Roof' and new locations info added to 'Where the Jungle Ends', 'Man Without A Past' and 'Takeaway'.

Also some updates to Trevor Alder's biog.

21st May 2005

The Episode Guide now contains a new section entitled 'Technical Notes' which discusses the state of the so-called "digital" prints that are being used in most TV transmission and Video/DVD releases for the series. Notes for most episodes in seasons one to three are included - those for four and five will follow later.

Also some updates to Gordon's, Lewis' and Martin's biogs.

30th July 2004

More bloopers and/or locatins added for : 'Private Madness, Public Danger', 'Need to Know', 'Kickback', 'It's Only a Beautiful Picture', 'Cry Wolf' and 'A Man called Quinn'.

30th July 2004

A stack of updates for the following pages: Hardware Guide, 'Old Dog with New Tricks', 'Where the Jungle Ends', 'Look After Annie', 'Rogue', 'The Purging of CI5', 'Stopover', 'Servant of Two Masters', 'The Acorn Syndrome', 'Fugitive', 'Kickback', 'The Ojuka Situation' and the biog pages for Gordon, Martin and Lewis.

25th August 2003

Additional locations info for 'It's Only a Beautiful Picture', 'Discovered in a Graveyard' and 'The Untouchables'. New blooper added for 'Fugitive' and a production note under the BTW section of 'Old Dog with New Tricks' and a new entry for the Music page (which could desperately do with a huge update!).

9th August 2003

Some audio cassettes added to Martin's biog, thanks to "Kevser". Also some new bits and pieces in Lew's biog.

Bloopers added for Man Without A Past' and 'Dead Reckoning'. Locations info added for the second title sequence, 'Kickback'. An interesting production note for 'Weekend in the Country'.

27th May 2003

Stacks of new bloopers and a few new locations added for the following episodes: 'Everest was Also Conquered', 'Look After Annie', 'Hunter/Hunted', 'The Madness of Mickey Hamilton', 'A Hiding to Nothing', 'Servant of Two Masters', 'Wild Justice', 'Takeaway', 'Blood Sports', 'You'll be Alright' and 'Lawson's Last Stand'.

6th April 2003

I've spent today doing a catch-up job on loads of outstanding amendments for the site...

Our roving reporter Bob Rocca has come up trumps again - we now have stacks of new locations added for the second season. Check out the Episode Guide

A couple of vintage musical items added, courtesy of Oliver Lomax.

Added a shot of the Corgi "twinset", courtesy of Garry Merrick.

1st January 2003

As part of our attempts to uncover what became of the cars used in the series, fan Graeme Jamieson has kindly supplied the dates that many of the vehicles were last registered as being "on the road".

New locations for 'Private Madness, Public Danger', 'The Female Factor', 'Killer with a Long Arm', 'Heroes', 'Stakeout', 'Look After Annie', 'Hunter/Hunted', 'In the Public Interest', 'Rogue', 'Not a Very Civil Civil Servant', 'Blind Run', 'Backtrack', 'A Hiding to Nothing', 'The Acorn Syndrome', 'Need to Know', 'Blackout', 'It's Only a Beautiful Picture' and 'Lawson's Last Stand'

23rd December 2002

I've come across an interview Martin Shaw did in 1991 for BBC Radio 4's "Midweek" programme, in which he spoke at lengh about The Professionals. He admitted that occasionally he treated fans terribly and that, in fact, the show actually helped his stage career. There's also a startling revalation about the UK repeats situation. Check out the Testimonials page and search for "midweek".

20th November 2002

Massive update on locations for the first season. I've also linked each one to the UK's StreetMap website for easy reference. Mega-thanks to our roving reporter Bob Rocca!!

21st October 2002

Approximate production dates and Deja Vu sections for the fifth season now online in the Episode Guide.

21st October 2002

Approximate production dates for the fourth season now available in the Episode Guide.

20th October 2002

Approximate production dates for the third season now available in the Episode Guide.

19th October 2002

Approximate production dates for the second season now available in the Episode Guide.

14th October 2002

Revised and new details for Cowley's red Granada, Bodie's bronze Capri (Season One) and Doyle's gold 1980 Capri (OAR 576W) - visit the Car Pool. Big thanks, as usual, to Bob Rocca.

I neglected to mention a few weeks back that the Episode Guide now includes approximate production dates for each first season story. Dates for seasons 2- 5 to follow soon.

13th September 2002

New locations, pics and bloopers stuff for: 'Private Madness, Public Danger', 'Old Dog with New Tricks', 'Killer with a Long Arm' and 'Dead Reckoning'.

1st September 2002

Fan Terry Hine has very kindly sent me a rundown of newspaper and magazine articles featuring Lewis. I've added these to his biog page.

New blooper and locations stuff for: 'Heroes', 'Close Quarters', 'Fugitive' and 'Cry Wolf'.

Also some additional stuff for Bridget Brice's biog.

25th July 2002

A new page to examine Contender's DVDs.

23rd April 2002

"Deja Vu" sections now added to all fourth season episodes.

2nd April 2002

"Deja Vu" sections now added to all third season episodes.

More bloopers and locations stuff for 'Private Madness, Public Danger', 'Old Dog with New Tricks','Killer with a Long Arm', 'When the Heat Cools Off', 'Lawson's Last Stand' and 'No Stone'

24th March 2002

"Deja Vu" sections now added to all second season episodes. And Jack Yan has kindly completed his reviews for The New Professionals.

10th March 2002

I've added a new section, "Deja Vu", to the Episode Guide concerning guest stars as I keep asking myself "Where have I seen that actor before?". Presently first season episodes are done - rest to follow soon. Contributions for this would be very welcome!

Also some additional bits of info for Hardware and Star Cars pages. And some new locations and bloopers for: 'Killer with a Long Arm', 'Where the Jungle Ends','When the Heat Cools Off', 'Long Shot', 'Foxhole on the Roof' and 'Cry Wolf'

20th February 2002

Some slight revbisions to the Production Order page following advice and discussions with Bob Rocca.

Also some new tidbits on 'Heroes', 'Blackout' and 'A Man Called Quinn' (Cheers again, Bob!).

16th February 2002

Having done some more research for video/DVD for overseas fans, I've revised and revamped the International Issues page.

27th January 2002

With the latest news on the upcoming DVDs, I thought it would be a good idea to explain the issues surrounding the different television signal standards and Region Coding for non-UK'ers hoping to import them. Have a look here.

Now that New Zealand has finally screened all the CI5 - The New Professionals episodes, Jack Yan has kindly sent me the remainder of his reviews - check out the Episode Guide. Cheers, Jack!

Finally for today, I've received a little bit more biog info for Steve Alder. (Thanks to Peter Caplen)

31st December 2001

I've added a few paragraphs to the Modus Operandi page about the unmade 1979 Professionals feature film and also about show being almost axed in the same year.

Also, some more locations and bloopers stuff for: 'Old Dog with New Tricks', 'Hunter/Hunted', 'Dead Reckoning' and 'Cry Wolf'.

23rd November 2001

Yet more locations and bloopers stuff: 'Private Madness, Public Danger','Everest was Also Conquered', 'First Night', 'In the Public Interest', 'Not a Very Civil Civil Servant', 'Stopover', 'Dead Reckoning', 'Runner', 'The Acorn Syndrome', 'Fugitive', 'Blood Sports', 'The Gun', 'Weekend in the Country', 'Kickback', 'Operation Susie', 'The Untouchables', 'A Man Called Quinn'.

22nd September 2001

Some more locations and bloopers stuff: 'Close Quarters','In the Public Interest' , 'Blind Run', 'The Purging of CI5', 'Runner', 'Need to Know', 'The Gun', 'Hijack', 'Mixed Doubles', 'Operation Susie', 'Lawson's Last Stand' and 'Cry Wolf'.

Special mention for Tony Mackay and his volume A Guide to Avengerland which lists myriad locations for the show and, of course, The Avengers/New Avengers.

27th May 2001

Following on from last weekend's hugely successful Locations Hunt, I've added a stack more pics to the episode guide for the following episodes:

'Female Factor', 'Close Quarters', 'Klansmen', 'Fall Girl', 'The Purging of CI5', 'A Hiding to Nothing', 'Wild Justice', 'Foxhole on the Roof', 'You'll be Alright' and 'Spy Probe'

A huge THANK YOU!! to Paul Fletcher-Ridley for organising this Expedition Extraordinaire and to everyone who attended. Next year we're planning a similar - but bigger and even better - event to coincide with the show's silver jubilee. Stay tuned for details.

29th April 2001

Some more locations, bloopers and 'By the Ways' added for the following episodes:

'Killer with a Long Arm', 'Hunted/Hunted', 'In the Public Interest', 'Blind Run', 'Backtrack', 'Servant of Two Masters', 'Need to Know', 'Hijack', 'It's Only a Beautiful Picture' and 'The Ojuka Situation'

28th January 2001

Many thanks to Bob Rocca for some additional Locations info for: 'Heroes', 'Long Shot', 'Hunter Hunted', 'Man Without a Past', 'Rogue', 'Runner', 'Need to Know' and 'The Untouchables'.

18th November 2000

Quite a lot of new stuff added...

Firstly details of some newly-discovered Professionals rental videos from Germany. Also some info on Reel Corp's seemingly pirate vids in Oz.

Also an amusing story of the three leads appearance on the kids' show "Jim'll Fix It" in 1978. See Martin's biog page.

A new 'blooper' for 'Blind Run'. Also one for 'It's Only a Beautiful Picture', along with some location info.

Couple of new pics.

Scans of Martin and Lewis' early 1980s singles.

24th September 2000

A brand new page, Hardware. Initially I am covering items of weaponry, comms and wristwatches used by the stars in the show. Hopefully this page will expand into other areas in the future.

24th September 2000

A couple of location shots for 'Foxhole on the Roof' - many thanks to Jesper Antvorskov.

17th September 2000

A few bits of Locations and Blooper info for episodes: 'Killer with a Long Arm', 'Close Quarters', 'Stakeout', 'Hunter/Hunted', 'You'll be Alright' and 'Cry Wolf'.

29th August 2000

Fan Paul Fretwell has very kindly sent me some pics of locations used in 'Close Quarters'.

22nd July 2000

Dusting off some old files the other day when I came across an article from the trade magazine PrimeTime. In it Chris Wicking, Ray Menmuir and Gerry O'Hara talk about writing, producing and directing The Professionals. I've reproduced several quotes on the Testimonies page (as well as tidying it up a bit!) which some of you may find interesting.

4th June 2000

I've received a whole load of new bloopers from several eagle-eyed viewers. Check out 'Rogue', 'A Stirring of Dust', 'Fall Girl', 'The Purging of CI5' and 'Backtrack'.

3rd April 2000

The page for CI5 The New Professionals was starting to get a bit unwieldly and a couple of you suggested I break it down into something more manageable! So there is now a page to tracking the show's creation, another to discuss our views on it plus another providing brief biogs on the actors. Hope this helps!

22nd March 2000

Fan Bob Rocca has come up with lots of new and intriguing information (and corrections) about the cars used in the series.

7th March 2000

Jesper Antvorskov kindly submitted a review of Gordon's film "The Whistleblower".

20th February 2000

Jesper Antvorskov has kindly submitted a review of the film "The Commander" check out Lew's biog page.

29th January 2000

A few bits and pieces today.

Firstly I've collated some comments from Australian fans of The New Professionals.

Sharon Brondos has sent in her views on 'Operation Susie' (come on Sharon, only nine more eps to go!).

I have a new entry for Steve Alder's biog plus one called "Commando" for Martin.

I've been sent some further details on the original Corgi Capri releases check out the Merchandise page.

27th December 1999

Sue Sandy has very kindly sent me loads of corections and additions for Lew's biog page particularly with regard to his theatrical roles.

10th December 1999

Fan Joy Raw has kindly submitted some details re the 1974 show Marked Personal which Lewis starred in at some stage.

7th November 1999

A number of you are understandably rather puzzled about the release order of Contender's vids all is now explained in the Briefing.

16th October 1999

John Hammond has very kindly sent me some snaps of the restored Capris at the 1999 Ford Fair speed over to the Car Pool.

21st September 1999

I've added scans of the Sphere paperbacks and the annuals to the Printed Matter page.

12th Septemer 1999

I've added what I hope will be some clear information to the FAQ list regarding the show's use of different title sequences and music.

Fan Tony Buller kindly advises me that there were, in fact several different versions of the original Corgi Capri. Details can be found in the Toys and Games page. Also you can find details of a recently-issued T-shirt from the Design Network Company.

5th July 1999

I thought it was about time we had an FAQ list!

23rd May 1999

With no sign of the new series coming to the UK, it was getting a little frustrating not being able to comment on them... officially! ;-) Well I'm sure you've all guessed that I have seen the episodes (courtesy of kind friends overseas) and, with authorisation, have submitted my comments to the Episode Guide.

Also, I've completely revamped the main page for the series. (Still no pics, though!)

Couple of nice quotes from Martin in an interview for The Mail on Sunday this weekend. (Thanks to Rhian Williams for the pointer!)

1st May 1999

Fan Garry Merrick has discovered an intriguing picture of what appears to be a prototype of Corgi's original design for their Professionals Capri model. Check out the Toys and Games page.

2nd April 1999

New Zealand fan Jack Yan has started to contribute his reviews of the new series' episodes. Cheers, Jack!

Also, some new comments from Jack and other viewers from NZ, Germany and Ireland check out Return of the Big A.

24th March 1999

I've added a review of Martin's 'Oilman' show from 1986 (been meaning to get round to watching this for ages!). However I can't make any sense of it at all so if anyone is able to explain it to me I'd be very grateful!!

17th March 1999

I've removed the Mean Streets section of the website. In its place you can now find Locations information in the Episode Guide. I think (hope) this is probably a better way of doing things (and, to be honest, the two maps were always a pig to update, anyway!). Some of the new locations entries come by kind courtesy of....

... 'Professional Insight' a fan-written book which is well worth checking out see the Printed Matter page for details. Many thanks to Sara Slinn!

7th March 1999

New info and corrections just in on some of Martin's past work: check out Exiles, Spice Island Farewell, The Most Dangerous Man in the World and the plays Battle of the Shrivings, Miss Julie, Teeth'n'Smiles, Betrayal (a new entry), Rough Justice and Vertigo. Very many thanks to Kay Ferguson!

16th February 1999

I've added some more viewers' reactions to the new series. Thanks again to everyone who continues to send in their comments!

14th February 1999

Thanks to Cath Russell I've been able to add some info on Martin's 'Rough Justice' play.

Also, I've now got a complete breakdown of the Silmarillion audio tape series he recorded. Thanks to Carol Jackson.

Go to Martin's biog page.

6th February 1999

A couple of quotes from Martin in a recent edition of the Birmingham Post newspaper. Thanks to DanaJeanne and Sharon Wheeler!

6th February 1999

I've added scans of the pages from Mad magazine's Professionals parody to the Printed Matter page enjoy!

24th January 1999

Fan Carol Jackson has done a bit of detective work over the Professionals annuals: it would appear that we can now account for what happened to the mysterious 1981 annual. Does it exist? Well, yes, it does, but there are still only seven annuals in total. Anyway, check out the Printed Matter page for info.

20th January 1999

Martin was interviewed for the Sunday Express last weekend. He adds a little twist in the tale of the UK repeats debacle. I've added it to the Testimonies page, along with a couple from this week's TV Times mag.

17th January 1999

Thanks to Sue Love, I've added a new section in Martin's biog to cover his radio performances. At the mo, there's only a couple of entries hopefully we'll uncover others soon.

Sue also uncovered an audio tape called The Deptford Trilogy.

10th January 1999

Although more feedback on the new series is coming in now (I've added some brief comment from Andy Linton), I've been disappointed that more people haven't contributed. Clearly there aren't many folk out there too enamoured with it!

20th December 1998

One last 'major' project before Xmas: I've implemented a ratings system for each episode to gauge for Plot, Action, Pace, Humour and Violence. Hope this is of use to everybody!

Incidentally, if you are awaiting an e-mail from me or info that you've sent in to be posted to the site, please accept my apologies for not getting round to this yet! Once the festivities are out of the way and things have calmed down a bit, normal service will be resumed!

13th December 1998

Thanks to some very kind fans, I have obtained several Professionals magazines. Happily this has coincided with my ISP finally allocating me more webspace so I have scanned some more pics (and re-scanned some of the existing ones for higher quality).

The most astonishing pic I found was one of actress Sally Harrison involved in a tussle with Peter Jolley for their respective roles in 'The Purging of CI5'. Remember I asked why we never got to see Susan Fischer in action against Parks? Well I'm now wondering if a fight scene was filmed but never used for some reason. Anyway, you can view the pic along with the ep review.

The magazines also yielded some more quotes for the Testimonies page. Use your browser to search for "magazine" and you'll find the additions. Oh there's also one from our dear friend Mary Whitehouse!

6th December 1998

Fan Jesper Antvorskov has kindly submitted his overall view on the new series. Check out the opinion section.

2nd November 1998

Sharon Brondos has kindly sent in her review of 'Foxhole on the Roof'.

17th October 1998

As opinion on the new series is starting to trickle in, I've revamped the Opinion section on that page.

11th October 1998

Minor update on the new series. And I have now been able to start an episode guide for them, thanks to Ann Sahlstrom, a fan of the original series who is able to see the new episodes in Sweden.

3rd October 1998

A slight correction for Southern Ireland screenings of the new series plus some feedback from one viewer in that country.

3rd October 1998

A new location added: that of Battersea Park as seen in 'Lawson's Last Stand'. This is, of course, such an obvious one that I completely overlooked it! Thanks to D Nicholls for the reminder!

20th September 1998

Some slight amendments and additional minutae added to Martin and Lew's biogs. Four new quotes added to the Testimones page: search for the Wogan interview and one Lew gave for a Scottish regional news programme.

15th September 1998

Small correction for The Cuckoo Waltz: the actor who replaced Lew in the final season (1980) did not actually play the same character. I've also been passed character names for a couple of Steve Alder's roles. Many thanks to Niki Walton!

13th September 1998

If you've called in at the site over the last few days, you may have noticed some of the graphics files have gone missing. This is because my ISP suddenly decided to strictly adhere to a 5Mb webspace limit (I was getting on for six meg!) and I suddenly found I couldn't upload updates to the site (including the Contacts page which I had to drop altogether!)... without removing some of the large graphics files first!

My ISP inexplicably refuses to sell its subscribers additional space, so I'm going to hit the same problem again soon, unless they have a change of policy. Many of U-Net's subscribers have complained about this, so I think they will indeed offer more space before too long.

In the meantime, all should be back to normal, though I've had to take down the New Avengers site completely. I'll probably relaunch that with another ISP during the coming week as a (hopefully) temporary measure.

6th September 1998

The huge gas holder that Bodie climbs up at the end of 'Fall Girl' is in Southall, to the west of central London. I've added it to the Mean Streets page. Thanks to Sue Curtis for info!

6th September 1998

Biog for Steve Alder now on-line. There ain't much there, I'm afraid, so any help would be gratefully received as ever!

5th September 1998

Major revision of Gordon's biog now includes known theatrical roles and many additions/amendments to his filmography.

Am also working on a biog for Steve Alder. Oh I think I spotted Bridget 'Betty' Brice in an old episode of Coronation Street while channel hopping the other day!

31st August 1998

Although previously I have not listed stage roles for the actors, as so many of you have sent info in on these, it makes sense to start listing them now. Unlike TV and film work, obviously we won't be able to look out for repeats(!) but hopefully the information will provide a useful reference for fans. Currently Lew and Martin's biogs have been updated Gordon's to follow soon. Also, some new entries and amendments for Martin's TV/film rundown from the 1960's and 70's. Many thanks to all those fans who continue to send new snippets and/or corrections!

26th August 1998

New page added for the London Postcard Company enjoy!

23rd August 1998

Some info added to Lew's biog regarding his rather embarrassing appearance on Tiswas. Also a short critique of his Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode (would like some feedback on this from our American friends have I been a bit too harsh?) and synopses for the Tarzan eps, thanks to Maria Vrzoc who seems to be the only person in Professionals fandom to have seen this!

23rd August 1998

A few more quotes on the Testimonies page. Check out entries from the 1980 ITV Awards show, Tiswas episode and interviews on Breakfast Time and TVAM.

14th August 1998

Some more bits and pieces for Martin's biog page. Firstly three TV appearances from the early or mid-seventies (which I forgot to add last time I did an update!). Next up is a series called Nightmares from 1986. And finally a great review of his Silmarillion reading! Huge thanks to DanaJeanne, Barbara Johnson and Sharon Brondos for these contributions!

13th August 1998

A new page, Testimonies, lists dozens of quotes concerning the show from various actors, crew and critics. Hope you enjoy it and, of course, please send in your own discoveries!